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Daily Media Review Saturday & Monday, 13-15 May 2006

National Media Reports

President Xanana Gusmão: “Major Alfredo left to clam down the situation”

President Xanana Gusmão reiterated that Major Alfredo and his elements have left F-FDTL Military Headquarters to ensure the safety of the population in Aileu and to calm the situation. Gusmão said Alfredo continues to subjugate to Brigadier General Taur Matan Ruak but feels it is not appropriate yet for them to return to Dili. President spoke with the media following a meeting with Alfredo Reinaldo at his residence in Balibar

Major Alfredo reportedly said he is prepared to meet with Brigadier General Taur Matan Ruak to inform him about his decision to go to Aileu as per military procedures. He says he still recognizes Ruak as F-FDTL Brigadier General and would like to hold a dialogue to recognize the President’s authority as the Supreme Commander of the armed forces and is prepared to go anywhere at the President’s request.

In the meantime, Brigadier General Taur Matan Ruak reportedly said the behaviour of Major Alfredo Reinaldo is considered to be worse than that of the petitioners. Speaking during RTTL’s talks show, “Interactive”, Taur said that the main concern nowadays is not from the 591 petitioners but of Major Alfredo’s group who has recently left the armed forces headquarters. “ I would like to inform the public, he [Alfredo] left the city without authorization and acknowledgement from the command,” said the head of F-FDTL. He added that the desertion of the petitioners without weapons is already considered critical, let alone the ones fully armed. The Brigadier General said he is making an effort to speak to Reinaldo and convey to him not to use the weapons taken and to return them to the F-FDTL institution. (DN, TP, STL)

Incident 28 April

In response to recent allegations that Partido Democratico (PD) was behind the recent incident and the petitioners, the party’s president Fernando Araújo Lasama said it is not true adding that the Government is distancing themselves from the problems and not being responsible in resolving the incident by accusing PD as the main party responsible for the conflict. On Monday, STL reported Lasama as saying Prime Minister Alkatiri is responsible for those people killed since he ordered F-FDTL to shoot. Last Tuesday (9/5) Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri said during a press conference claimed that he did not say PD was behind incidents that occurred, but rather questioned why, if PD was not behind them, had they taken a stand why were the party’s President and his wife were involved in that. According to Alkatiri, following the incident of 28 April, some people said up to 60 were killed and Lasama’s wife claimed that 100 were killed which Minister Alkatiri considers a motive to bring down the Government with rumours that the Government is responsible for the killing. Alkatiri said some that many people have speculated on the number of those killed, but, to date, there has been no confirmed number.

In Saturday’s edition, STL reported Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation José Ramos-Horta as saying Lasama and his wife should help the Government in calming the situation. “ I feel sad and a bit disturbed that PD’s President, Fernando Lasama and Jacline Siapno, a Philippine national, rather than show their maturity and statesmanship quality, they contribute to the unrest. According to the same newspaper, Minister Ramos-Horta reportedly said he has already discussed with Prime Minister Alkatiri the idea to hold a seminar to lift the spirits and courage of PNTL and F-FDTL and acknowledge the difficult work they face. “They are in the frontline and they are constantly being criticized therefore the Government will keep an eye on the police and I will hold a talk in Baucau and Metinaro to speak to F-FDTL,” said Ramos-Horta. He stressed that the police cannot be blamed for the incident of 28 April as it could be the fault of either the leadership or that the command did not have a good strategic plan. He said the Government is aware of the problem and would like improved training and better means to enable the police to carry out their duties, adding the police must establish a good example for the population because there is no such thing as ‘east’ or ‘west’, lorosae and loromonu. He also appealed to the PNTL and F-FDTL members not to fall into the temptation to divide the institution.

In the Timor Post Monday edition, Ramos-Horta reportedly said the Government is to blame for the incident of April 28 and must be responsible for it. There was a problem and rather than find a solution, it waited for a miracle to resolve, Minister of Foreign Affairs said. He appealed to all Timorese not to be vengeful as the people have suffered so much already during the past 24 years. He added that being a young nation, the Government cannot meet all the demands from the population.

Vice-President of the National Parliament, Jacob Fernandes, said the UN is responsible for the situation in Timor-Leste that’s why the mandate is being extended, reported Diario Nacional Monday. The same newspaper quoted the President of the Parliament, Francisco, Lu’Olo Guterres as saying the recent problems are derived from UNATAET and UNAMET period. “ I think up to a degree, I agree with the thought of SRSG Sukehiro Hasegawa that Timor-Lese is a only four-year old nation and we are still consolidating ourselves as a democratic State.” I also believe our institutions are trying to better themselves in carrying the State forwards. On the other hand, it is the responsibility of the UN to maintain an eye on Timor-Leste. Some of the roots of the occurring problems started during UNTAET and UNAMET period. Therefore, the UN must also assume responsibility for the situation in Timor-Leste,” Guterres said. Guterres underlined that the UN must not wash their hands of this matter, adding that the problem within F-FDTL started in 2001 when the national armed forces was transformed from Falintil to ­FDTL. (TP, STL, DN)

Government present Electoral law and President Election law to NP

Speaking to the press at the National Parliament, the President of National Parliament Francisco Guterres Lu Olo said the NP has received proposals of the Electoral and Presidential Election law from the Government. The proposal will be discussed in the plenary session, in particular with Commission A, which specialises in constituency’s guarantee of freedom of expression, said Lu Olo. He further added that Commission A will schedule their own calendar hold a discussion with NGOs and political parties to get their opinions and input before the Commission presents their final report to the NP for approval. (TP)

Lu Olo asked militants to combat propaganda

It is reported that President of Fretilin Party, Francisco Guterres Lu Olo on his opening speech of Fretilin conference last Saturday at Fretilin Headquarters in Comoro, asked the central and his militants to combat propaganda trying to destroy the historical party. “We all have to be strong and work together for our party to combat this matter,” said Lu Olo.

In response to the demonstrators who tried to shut down the authorities offices in Ermera, Lu Olo reportedly said that the opposition leaders are behind all of this but they failed because Fretilin Government is strong and has the capacity to solve the problem.

In relation to the rumours that the if his party’s Secretary General is not re-elected there will be bigger problems than the 28 April incident, Lu Olo responded, “nothing will happen because FRETILIN is as one and no one can destroy Fretilin”

On the same occasion, TP reported some of the new faces challenging Fretilin’s current leadership are Aniceto Guterres from Dili and Jose Luis Guterres Fretilin Congress is scheduled for 17-19 of May. (TP)

NP disagree with Sukehiro Hasegawa’s Opinion

In response to the statement of SRSG, Dr Sukehiro Hasegawa that Timor-Leste has no capacity to resolve internal problems an MP from Fretilin Party, Cipriana Pereira, and an MP from PD, Mariano Sabino, told the reporters at National Parliament that they disagree with SRSG Sukehiro Hasegawa. After “more than 24 years our leaders have had the capacity to lead us to gain independence” said Cipriana. Many countries have gained independence but after more than hundreds years they still have problems facing constant demonstrations by unsatisfied people.

MP Mariano Sabino said that “In reality, we cannot solve our problems quickly but it does not mean we do not have the capacity. Of course, we need UN help because the international community has a responsibility towards Timor-Leste”. (TP)

National News Sources

Timor Post (TP) Radio Timor-Leste (RTL) Suara Timor Lorosae (STL) Diario Tempo (DT) Diario Nacional Seminario Lia Foun (LF) Televisaun Timor-Leste [TVTL]

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