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Daily Media Review Thursday, 18 May 2006

National Media Reports

First day of congress

Member of Fretilin Central Committee and candidate for the position of Fretilin Secretary General Jose Luis Guterres said “To better the independence of Timor-Leste, it requires a new Prime Minister who has the capacity and quality and is not arrogant to serve the people of this young nation. This is my personal view but it all depends on the delegates of the Congress.” He added, that the current Fretilin leaders serving in the Government do not have confidence in the militants and the sympathizers at the grassroots level and that information made public is not always correct, reported Timor Post on Thursday. According to the report, Jose Luis Guterres further stressed that some people feel that there is no dialogue and are not providing advantages to the people. Guterres told the media on Wednesday that as a Timorese, one must have the courage to recognize mistakes and every step taken should be in a fraternal way. He stressed the importance for the new leadership is to attend to priorities such as repairing the roads from Dili to the districts. He added that the new leadership will be the path for changes to guarantee peace for the population.

Addressing Fretilin’s Second Congresses, Secretary General Mari Alkatiri said the Government he has headed since the 2002 independence, has made great progress for the nation. “Today we are sitting together to make a balance. From this balance we want to look to the future of our party and our nation, the youngest in the world. This beloved country who’s Government I’m proud to lead, has made great developments,” Alkatiri told participants of the Congress. He pointed to some of progress in the areas of education, economy, agriculture, health, development of State institutions and the establishment of many laws. Referring to it as a disease, poverty, Alkatiri said, is one of the difficulties of Timor-Leste, especially in the rural areas. Alkatiri added that to alleviate this problem the Government plans to increase the economy for the fiscal year 2006/07 by 6 to 7 percent with public investment programs.

Vice-Secretary General of Fretilin, Jose Reis said regardless of who wins in the Second Congress, what is important is the ability to fortify the party to face the 2007 elections.

Timor Post also reported that at the moment two candidates, Egidio de Jesus and Aderito de Jesus Soares, are running for the Presidential post. (STL, TP, DN)

Ramos-Horta met with members of the petitioners in Suai district

Foreign Minister José Ramos-Horta met with some of the petitioners’ in Suai on Tuesday, including Major Tara, and discussed the investigation Commission established by the sovereign state to look into the problems within F-FDTL. Ramos-Horta said members of the petitioners in Suai area are concentrated in one area without creating problems and the population are carrying on with their daily lives. In a separate article, STL reported the President of Court of Appeal, Claudio Ximenes saying he is of the opinion that the High Level Commission of Notables is the only one to be able to get to the root of the problem. Ximenes reportedly said the Commission has already spoken to many members of the petitioners and its members will be able to learn how the problem emerged. (STL, DN)

The report from the government about F-FDTL operation: Parliament is not defending people’s interest.

In relation to the report from the Government about F-FDTL intervention on the April 28 incident to the National Parliament for discussion, HAK Association declared that they are not happy with the result presented to National Parliament. According to HAK, the report does not defend the people’s interest. Director of HAK Association Jose Luis Oliveira stated in a press release yesterday that the National Parliament only accepted the Government’s report without debating what was inside the report. He further added that according to the Decree Law no. 7/ 2004, the Prime Minister should present himself to the Parliament to explain to the people, not just send the report.

In a separate article, MP from PSD Party, Joao Gonçalves, told STL that Fretilin Government lead by Mari Alkatiri must take responsibility for those people who died on 28 April incident, noting that it was the Government that asked F-FDTL to intervene in the incident without consulting with the president of RDTL. Gonçalves said that the report that the Government presented to the National Parliament about F-FDTL involvement to calm down the situation was not complete. “PSD considers that the decision made by the Government was wrong and unconstitutional,” said Gonçalves”. (TP, STL, DN)

The leaders must talk to the people nicely: Belo

Former Bishop of Dili, Mgr. Carlos Belo, appealed to the East Timorese leaders to talk to the people nicely in order for the people not to have fear in difficult situations. In his email to STL, the Bishop said the current situation needs dialogue and the Government must listen to what the people have to say and find the best solution to solve the problem facing them presently. “ I pray for those people who died in the incident and also for those people who lost their property. I also ask you all to extend your hands to each other and build peace and harmony in East Timor,” the Bishop said. (STL)

Regional Media Reports

National News Sources Timor Post (TP) Radio Timor-Leste (RTL) Suara Timor Lorosae (STL) Diario Tempo (DT) Diario Nacional Seminario Lia Foun (LF) Televisaun Timor-Leste [TVTL]

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