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Daily Media Review Tuesday, 23 May 2006

National Media Reports

Problems due to government politics of accusations

In relation to the recent conflict in Becora and Comoro, Director of HAK Association, Jose Luis de Oliveira reportedly told TP that the Government is constantly appealing to the people that the situation is now restored to normal, but according to Oliveira, the situation has actually worsened. “Don’t just appeal to the people and tell them the situation is normal. It must be understood that sometimes people don’t listen to what they [the leaders] have said”. He further added that the problem is growing, meaning it will be difficult to calm down the situation if a solution is not found.

In a separate interview, Human Right’s Advocate Lawyer Aderito de Jesus stated that the current situation is worsening because the Government does not have the political will to resolve the problem.

According to reports, four people were injured following a fighting near the Becora Bus Terminal yesterday, when an identified group of people threw rocks at a bus stationed near the terminal.TP, STL)

Difficult for Commission to resolve F-FDTL

MP Lucia Lobato (PSD) stated at the National Parliament yesterday that the Investigating Commission established by the four sovereign bodies including the Church and NGOs will face difficulties in solving the problem of the F-FDTL petitioners. According to Lobato, the Commission should have been established long ago to solve the petitioners’ problem before the demonstrations were held.

Lobato further added that “the Commission will not succeed because the leader (Ana Pessoa) comes from the Government so the result will not be transparent.”

In response to the F-FDTL petitioners’ statement rejecting the Commission, Liberal Party MP Sebastião Simões pointed out that it was established upon the petitioners’ demands to look into the problem. “If they reject it, then what is it that they want?” questioned Simões. (STL)

Elizario: Fretilin also Catholic

MP Elizario Ferreira rejects statement by some political party that 80 percent of the Catholic population would not vote Fretilin because Lu’Olo and Alkatiri have re-elected. He said the statement is not true as members of his party are Catholic and voted for the re-elections of the two leaders. (STL)

Alfredo Demands Urgent Dialogue

Major Alfredo Alves Reinaldo demands urgent dialogue to resolve the crises within F-FDTL, reported the media Tuesday. “We request the leaders, President RDTL, Minister Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Jose Ramos-Horta, Bishops of Dili and Baucau to hold a dialogue as soon as possible to find a solution to the problem that emerged in F-FDTL,” Alfredo told the media Monday during a press conference in Aileu District. Reinaldo pointed out that his group is not an enemy but defenders of the nation’s institutions and people. He praised the efforts of the leaders to organize a dialogue this week but added that the crisis of F-FDTL should not be extended noting ‘time is like a gun, it can kill people,’ underlining the dialogue should be held urgently to avoid further blood shed. Alfredo also said the leaders must use the time to carefully think on how to resolve the problem. “ Why am I saying this? Because, many problems have occurred but the leaders are taking their time and have not resolved the problem. The leaders created many Commissions but until now no one has been punished. Time should not be taken to further kill the Maubere people,” Reinaldo said.

In a separate article, STL quoted Alfredo as reportedly asking the population to distance themselves from the capital of Dili if they do not feel secure, adding that in the meantime no one can guarantee security in the short term.

In an interview to the national television, Minister Ramos-Horta said the preparation for the dialogue is currently taking place and he appealed to those taking part in it, to do so maturely or face loosing the developments achieved by Timor-Leste in the last four years.

Timor Post reported the President of the National Parliament, Francisco Lu’Olo Guterres as saying that Major Alfredo should not mix military problems with politics and he should understand that the State was established by the people, pointing out that only the leaders can provide safety as per the Constitution. Guterres appealed to the population to return to their homes and said their safety is guaranteed. (STL, TP)

Horta: To win the trust from the people, government must work harder

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Jose Ramos-Horta reportedly said that the Government must work harder to win back the trust from the people to resolve the current problems. In response to media reports alleging the Minister as saying that the Government of Prime Minister Alkatiri is no longer credible due to the recent crisis, Ramos-Horta said, “No, I said due to the crimes that have emerged, the Government must work harder to win back the trust of the people. I did not say the Government is no longer credible”. On the re-election of the two leaders of Fretilin, Minister Horta congratulated them and said they gained the trust from the congresses and were re-elected in a really democratic process. He also extends his congratulations to José Luís Guterres for his positive challenge during the congress which shows democracy within the Fretilin party. (TP)

Regional Media Reports

East Timor awards exploration contracts to Eni, Reliance

CANBERRA (Market Watch) -- East Timor said Tuesday it has accepted bids by Italy's Eni SPA (ENI.MI) and India's Reliance Industries Ltd. (500325.BY) for offshore petroleum exploration rights.

Eni was awarded the right to five of the six exploration areas, with Reliance Industries' gaining the remaining area.

East Timor's Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri said in a statement the two companies had until June 30 to sign production sharing contracts with East Timor's Ministry of Natural Resources, Minerals and Energy.

Alkatiri said in April he expected his government to call for bids for onshore exploration rights later this year.

East Timor launched its first bidding round for petroleum exploration rights in the Timor Sea in August.

It offered 11 contract areas covering a total 30,000 square kilometers.

Profits from these areas are to be split 60%-40% between the operator and the government, with foreign operators also paying a 5% royalty fee to the government.

Dili will plow its oil revenues into its Petroleum Fund, to be used to partly offset the country's budget shortfall.

East Timor is largely dependent on foreign aid, although oil and gas revenues are forecast to rise to A$100 million in 2007-08 from A$32 million in 2004-05. (Market Watch, DowJones)

National News Sources

Timor Post (TP) Radio Timor-Leste (RTL) Suara Timor Lorosae (STL) Diario Tempo (DT) Diario Nacional Seminario Lia Foun (LF) Televisaun Timor-Leste [TVTL]

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