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Thursday, 05 October 2006

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National Media Reports

Relocation of IDPs

The government has decided to relocate IDPs to new areas and assist those wishing to return to their districts, reported the media today. Deputy Prime Minister and spokesperson, Rui Araújo said the government is yet to decide on the area for the transition housing to enable IDPs to settle temporarily. An inter-ministerial team headed by Prime Minister Ramos-Horta will prioritise the move of the people from the camps of the hospital, airport, Hera-Metinaro, and Colmera garden. According to Araujo the team will visit the camps to identify their main problems and offer the options prepared by the government including the return to the districts. On a related issue, the Minister of Public Works, Odete Vitor said the government is studying how to facilitate the reconstruction of private properties affected during the crisis. On the affected State properties, she said the government has not made a decision for rehabilitation. The Council of Ministers made the decision to implement the project for the rehabilitation and construction of properties of the population on Wednesday.

In a separate article, the priest of Motael parish Antonio Alves urged the government to urgently act on the refugees as the wet season is starting. Alves said he is sad that none of the leaders were present at the launch of the book titled ‘Refugee’. The book is based on the feelings of the displaced people and information collected from 6 IDP camps and supported by the Dili Diocese Commission for Justice and Peace, Catholic Relief Services, Caritas Australia and ICMC. (STL, TP)

Discussion for Reintegration of Petitioners

Prime Minister Ramos-Horta said the government is discussing the re-integration of the petitioners with the head of the Defence Forces. According to Ramos-Horta many members of the petitioners group want to rejoin F-FDTL and he agrees that many of them are not at fault and have not committed any crime or wrongdoing. The Prime Minister said the competence rests on the commander of F-FDTL, but the government will discuss how to resolve the problem case by case. He said petitioners will receive humanitarian assistance for up to two months and if there is no political solution, there is a legal solution as they have the right to assistance from the government. The PM was scheduled to meet another group of the petitioners today in Gleno, Ermera District. (TP, DN)

MP Disagrees With PM on Subsidy

MP Ozorio Florindo (Fretilin) disagrees with the statement made by Prime Minister Ramos-Horta on subsidising the political parties equally. Florindo said he does not know how the Prime Minister made his decision, adding that the subsidy should be based on the political parties’ representatives in the Parliament. (STL)

Groups with Guns in Ermera

MP Jose Buras (PD) told the Parliament plenary session on Tuesday that many groups carrying guns are wandering in Ermera District. Buras said it is not yet known whether the burning of houses and the killing of a child in that area are related to the groups. He said there have been cases where those responsible for the crimes have fled the area, leaving the international forces to detain those not involved in the acts. On the recent shootings in Bobonaro District, according to Antonio Mauluta, a PNTL officer stationed in that area, the action was carried out by the group Colimau 2000, when the leader of the group was denied participation in the program “cash for work” because he wanted to get the money without working. (STL, DN)

RTTL Headlines


President Xanana Gusmão receives credential letter from new Ambassador Cuba

Yesterday President Xanana Gusmão received a credential letter from the new Ambassador of Cuba to Timor-Leste, Ramon Hernades Vasquez. President Xanana thanked the Cuban Government for offering doctors to assist the Timorese especially in remote areas, as well as for offering scholarships for Timorese students to study in Cuba. Meanwhile the new Ambassador said that the Government of Cuba is continuing to work together with Timor-Leste especially in the areas of health and education.

National Parliament held 1st public audience

National Parliament (Commission A) held its 1st public audience with political party leaders to discuss and listen to opinions about the two draft electoral laws. The Fretilin draft was presented by the Deputy Secretary-General of Fretilin, Jose Maria Reis. Issues that were discussed by the participants were the threshold of 5% minimum, the location of vote counting, the independence of electoral commission and the issue of independent candidates. Meanwhile the Secretary-General of PD, Mariano Sabino said that the opposition party does not accept the 5% minimum but suggests a 2% minimum.

Council Ministers approve the rehabilitation and construction policy

Deputy Prime Minister, Rui Maria Araujo after the Council Ministers meeting said that the Government has approved the very important decision to look at the rehabilitation and construction of houses that destroyed during crises. The Council has defined the objectives, options and methods. Meanwhile the Minister of Public Works, Odete Victor said that there are four options: Houses with certificates, those illegally occupied, private houses occupied by illegal owners and illegal occupied illegal houses.

Prime Minister, Horta launched Tetum Dictionary

Yesterday Prime Minister, Horta launched a Tetum dictionary at the National University. Speaking at the ceremony PM Horta said that Tetum is one of Timor-Leste’s official languages so the Timorese must develop their own language. Meanwhile the Director of Linguistic Bureau, Aderito Jose Correia said that the objective of the Tetum Dictionary is to assist the Timorese on how to use and speak Tetum well.

International Media Reports


5.10.2006 12:07:53 - SOURCE: World View As the rainy season approaches in East Timor, more than 150,000 people are still confined to the refugee camps hurriedly constructed after the violence that erupted there in May this year. Most of those in the camps are too frightened to go back to their homes. But the camps are only one part of the crisis, with the United Nations saying that each year more than 350,000 East Timorese do not have enough food. For this week's Dateline, David O'Shea surveys the sorry state of East Timor, still in the grip of a political crisis. He's speaking with Adam Connors. (SBS Radio)

NATIONAL NEWS SOURCES: Timor Post (TP) Radio Timor-Leste (RTL) Suara Timor Lorosae (STL) Diario Tempo (DT) Diario Nacional Seminario Lia Foun (LF) Televisaun Timor-Leste [TVTL]

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