Subject: XG: Message to the Nation On the Report of the Independent Special Commission of Inquiry

Presidencia da Republica

Gabinete do Presidente Message to the Nation 1

On the Report of the Independent Special Commission of Inquiry

Delivered by H.E. the President of the Republic

Also on behalf of H.E. the Speaker of the National Parliament and H.E. the Prime Minister

Palácio das Cinzas, 17 October 2006

1 Translated from the original in portuguese

Message to the Nation

The acting Special Representative of the Secretary-General has officially delivered today the Report of the Independent Special Commission of Inquiry established by the United Nations with respect to the events of 28 April-25 May 2006 to the National Parliament with copies to the other three Organs of Sovereignty of the State of Timor-Leste.

Today also, at 16.00 hours Timor-Leste local time, UNMIT made the same document available, which has been translated into Portuguese, Tetum, and Indonesian, to the Timorese public at the same time when, being 09.00 hours in Geneva, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights is making the same document available to the international community. The document has been translated into Portuguese, Tetum and Indonesian.

As everyone has already understood or may understand, the Commission did not have a mandate of criminal investigation. Rather, its mission was to establish the facts that occurred and the manner in which they have occurred.

The impartial and independent manner in which the Commission undertook its work, in accordance with international standards, is commended. The wise manner in which the Commission guided itself in their analyses by adopting the standard of “reasonable suspect” is singled out. This implies that our Courts will have to take on the responsibility to undertake further investigations and also the responsibility to prosecute.

Thus, one must say that, having an objective knowledge of the reality, the Independent Special Commission of Inquiry has prepared a list of recommendations which we think to be very relevant.

The National Parliament must take the necessary political and legislative steps to deal with all the issues raised by the Commission within the appropriate legal framework.

The Government should immediately consider the recommendations concerning the victims, as well as other recommendations relevant to the executive power and the Prime Minister must urgently call a meeting of the Council of Ministers to decide on these matters.

The President of the Republic as well as the legislative and the executive organs reaffirm their respect for the independence and integrity of the judicial power and undertake to extend their total collaboration to ensure the smooth accomplishment of their responsibilities.

We would like to remind everyone that Timor-Leste is a fledging democracy and, for this very reason, it is still very fragile, and we all have to work hard so that the population can have confidence in the democratic State based on the rule of law.

In this connection, the first appeal we are launching is directed to the Political Parties not to take advantage of the substance of the Report of the Independent Special Commission of Inquiry for their own benefit. We call upon a greater maturity and reasoning insofar as the current problems are concerned, with the firm objective of calming the animosities of the people, because Timor-Leste needs to make a reflection and all those who are responsible in one way or the other for the destiny of this country must place the interest of the people above all other interest.

As the Office Holders of the Organs of Sovereignty we give the undertaking that we shall refrain from making public statements conducive to minimizing the conscience and the prestige of the citizens and the image of other institutions, particularly the political parties.

We call upon the entire civil society and the professionals of the media to adopt a positive behaviour by also committing themselves to assist stabilizing the already difficult situation, particularly in the capital of the country.

We call upon all groups that continue to be involved in violence to put an end to such violent actions. We cannot live eternally under this climate of continued disrespect for the lives and goods of the others. It is time to stop and reflect on what is good for all the Timorese and on what is not good for anybody!

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