Subject: Tumbleweed: Dili uni students protest TVTL

Tumbleweed in Timor Lorosae

Monday, July 30, 2007 Dili uni students

Last Friday night, i was pleasantly surprised to see on TVTL a new story about a group of protesting uni students who were in TVTL's compound accusing it of biased coverage. firstly, was very glad that finally people were brave enough to state the obvious - cos it's always been kinda a known fact that TVTL is pro-XXXXXXXX but people never came out to say it for fear of offending the powers to be so it was refreshing to hear the uni students openly accusing TVTL of reporting for one party. They shouted "tvtl is ours, it belongs to the public". Second, it was also nice to see the RTTL board president having a dialogue with them, although his response to the accusation was rather to be expected "we don't cover just only one party". to be fair, the TVTL team did a great job during the recent elections, busting their asses to bring in stories from all districts while the presidential and party campaignings were going on. So kudos to TVTL for bravely confronting the students and running a news story too on it. But of course, the news media in general have to improve in terms of their ethical standards. i still remember how TVTL broadcast Mr Alkatiri's speech in Metianro ad verbatim causing immediate chaos in Dili that very night. Also, STL's often exaggerated and deepy inaccurate headlines, and fabricated news! Sigh....... somehow it is stil the most widely read newspaper in the country! perhaps people prefer news with lots of salt and pepper thrown in!

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