Subject: SG of PDRT says Kolimau 2000 was used

Jornal Nacional Diário (Timor-Leste) - Dili 6 August 2007

Secretary General of the PDRT (Portuguese acronym for Timorese Democratic Republican Party) Osorio Mauleki declared that some people used the Kolimau 2000 group in April 2006 to make politics when they used the group to demonstrate with the petitioners to bring down the constitutional government which was headed by Dr. Mari Alkatiri.

Osorio Muleki made these comments at a FRETILIN Central Committee meeting in which he also participated at Delta Nova, Comoro, Dili on Sunday (4-8).

“I want to publicly state that during the crisis people used Kolimau 2000 as a curtain to dismantle the FRETILIN grassroots in various localities, but this is now clear to us and we have now learnt from our experience and our position will be clear in the future,” said Osorio Mauleki. Osorio Mauleki added that the FRETILIN party had legitimacy under the constitution to form the government.

According to him, if the President persists with inviting the AMP to form government then Timor-Leste will confront another crisis which will be much bigger than the political-military crisis which passed recently.

Because of this the leader of Kolimau 2000 has asked the President of the Republic to allow FRETILIN to form the government, as otherwise there will be consequences for which he will not be able to blame anyone else and for which he will not be able to emerge as the savior angel.

He also declared publicly that Kolimau 2000ºs roots are from FRETILIN and they already know the political tactics of FRETILIN’s adversaries which they always used try to destroy FRETILIN and because of this Kolimau 2000 will not fall for these dirty politics as were used to bring down the FRETILIN government in 2006.

According to Osorio Kolimau 2000 knows the politics played by these people who today scream justice and democracy and want to emerge as the saviors of the nation, but they are not interested in the justice or truth they scream about but the positions in government, and it is for these that they divided FRETILIN, F-FDTL and the clandestine people.

“Dividing us was not enough, then they divided F-FDTL into conflicting groups and today divided the martial arts groups in order to wrest power from FRETILIN so that after FRETILIN they will emerge as the savior angel, FRETILIN as the evil ones” said Osorio Mauleki.

“They speak of democracy, speak of justice, but in the end they hide their ambitions to steal political positions through undemocratic means, something which has become very clear, and because of this during the crisis FRETILIN became the victim, clandestine people became the victims, the Armed Forces became the victims, for the sake of some of our leaders political interests”, said Osorio Mauleki.

Osorio Mauleki underlined that although PDRT did not win in the elections it has joined the LDP with only one thing in mind, to ask the President of the Republic to respect democratic values for the governance period 2007-2012 and give the right to govern to the party which won even if by only one person.

Osorio Mauleki who is also the secretary general of the PDRT party stated also publicly that the President of the Republic and leaders of other political parties should respect the constitution which is in force in our nation because it is clearly written in it that the party which wins the most votes from the election that forms the government and indicates the PM and alliances or coalitions formed after the elections to go into parliament is not entitled to form government.

He added that the interpretation of the law is clear but political leaders want to invent different interpretations to divide the people and drive them into violence and kill each other.

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