Subject: Timor-Leste Recent News - Aug 8 

Timor-Leste Recent News

ISF will not send additional forces to Timor-Leste

The Spokesperson of the International Stabilization Forces (ISF), Robert Barnes reportedly said that the ISF will not send additional forces to Timor-Leste. He said that the current forces are working to maintain the security situation across the country. (DN)

Fretilin will not work with unconstitutional government

While speaking to journalists on Monday (6/8) and in response to President Josť Ramos-Hortaís decision to offer the government to the Alliance, Fretilin President Francisco Guterres Lu-Olo said that the party will not work with a government which was unconstitutionally established. However, Fretilin does not support any violence and called for peace and calm to be restored. (DN)

The Alfredo issue requires more time

The Geneva-based Center for Humanitarian Dialogue led by Leon Reidmatten said that the process to resolve the case of fugitive Alfredo Reinado Alves and his men needs more time.

President Josť Ramos-Horta has asked both the Center for Humanitarian Dialogue and the National Unity and Justice Movement (MUNJ) to mediate the dialogue between the state and Reinado.

According to Mr. Reidmatten, the Presidentís decision to meet Reinado directly is a positive step forward in the process. Reinado also has expressed his intentions to participate in the dialogue. (STL)

Feliciano Fatima: "The Alliance will not last"

The former member of national parliament from the ASDT, Feliciano Fatima said that the Alliance will not last. "We believe that the government formed by the Alliance will not last; they will fail with their greedy ambitions and we will be waiting for them to do so," said Mr. Fatima on Saturday (3/8) at the Central Committee Fretilin (CCF) in Dili. (DN)

TL's ASEAN membership depends on domestic situation

The security and political situation in Timor-Leste are important factors to gain membership in the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN). "If the next five years go smoothly ≠ without any conflicts - we will become members of the ASEAN. But if the situation continues to be tense then we will have to wait more years before we can join the Association," said the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ms. Adalgiza Magno on Monday (6/8) at the International Airport in Dili after attending the ASEAN Ministerial meeting in Manila. (STL)

UNPol and PNTL on stand-by to respond to any violence

The PNTL and UNPol in Timor-Leste will focus on responding to any criminal and violent acts across the country. The PNTL Deputy Commander for Operations, Mateus Fernandes said that PNTL and UNPol will take harder measures on those who commit acts of violence across the country. (DN)

Fretilin Ďthreatensí Horta

The Fretilin party ≠ which won the Parliamentary elections on 30 June - rejected the decision made by President Josť Ramos-Horta to appoint Xanana Gusm„o as the new Prime Minister to form the new government.

At a press conference held on Monday (6/8) in Alkatiriís residence in Dili, Fretilinís President, Francisco Guterres Lu-Olo said that Fretilin won the Parliamentary elections and has the constitutional right to form the new inclusive government. He said that Fretilin will go to the rural areas to gather peopleís thoughts regarding the legality of the formation of the new government. (STL)

President decides that Alliance should govern - Xanana to be the Prime Minister

In a message to the nation on Monday (6/8), President Josť Ramos-Horta officially announced that the Alliance would form the new government for the 2007≠2012 term and that CNRT President, Kayrala Xanana Gusm„o would be Timor-Lesteís new Prime Minister.

"I have made the decision and I invite the Alliance to form the new government. I accept the Allianceís nomination of Mr. Xanana Gusm„o as their Prime Minister and I have invited him to present his government. We will inaugurate the fourth constitutional government on Wednesday (8/8)," said President Ramos-Horta in his message. (TP, DN and STL)

Questions and Answers at Fretilin press conference today 6 August

Lu-Olo: Our declaration is clear. The AMP does not exist. Only CNRT and its allies exist. If CNRT is named to lead a government, then it is not following the constitution. We will not cooperate with an unconstitutional government.

We will use all legal means to let the public know that this is an incorrect decision, that it is not constitutional.

Alkatiri: (in response to a question on MPs): We need to address this. The Government is still not formed. We have 21 seats that the public has given us. We need to ask the publicís position, down to the aldeais. We still havenít left the Parliament. The people selected so we need to consult with them on this issue.

Alkatiri: (again in response to a question on MPs) We only respond to our voters. We will ask their opinion.

Lu-Olo: (in response to a question on demonstrations): This is a political question. There are many legal means to address this. No, we do not want to take this to Court. There are other legal means, the Constitution gives us a lot of legal means. We will not use violence ≠ only legal methods.

Lu-Olo: (in response to another question on demonstrations): We are not organizing or mobilizing people. Why should we do this when we have other legal means at our disposal.

Alkatiri: (addressing the same question): There is a law on demonstrations, which make them legal if the electorate wants to organize some. This will be based on the law. But we are not organizing a demonstration.

Lu-Olo: (in response to a question asking if the party could control would be demonstrators) The State should control them, not the party.

Alkatiri: (I didnít hear the question): The Parliament is constitutional, a CNRT led Government is not. If we follow legal means, the Parliament is a good place to represent the Fretilin electorate.

We proposed an independent PM and they wouldnít accept it. The President canít make a subjective pre-judgement about whether or not a Fretilin program would pass. He has to give us an opportunity. If he does, and then it doesnít pass, well then okay.

Alkatiri: (another question on courts): Itís a political issue, it shouldnít settled by one man, Claudio. This political matter shouldnít be transferred to the courts. The solution should be political.

Lu-Olo: (I didnít hear the question) For 2 years now we have been saying that there was a golpe de estado in progress.

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