Subject: Indonesia to rotate combat troops to East Timor border in November - agency

Indonesia to send combat troops to East Timor border in November - agency


[Report attributed to Antara new agency headlined: "Udayana Military Area Command Readies Combat Troops to be Sent to NTT-East Timor Border"]

This item reported that IX Military Area Command (MAC)/Udayana is currently preparing to send combat troops to the East Timor-Indonesia border at the beginning of November.

According to the article, 743 Infantry Battalion/Pradya Samapta Yhuda, which is part of 161 Military Sub-area Command/Wirasakti, will replace 742 Infantry Battalion/Satya Wira Yhuda from Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara.

The 660 troops in 742 Infantry Battalion have been serving along the border since 13 November 2006. Some of these troops were based in Belu District, which borders Cova Lima District in East Timor, whereas others were in North Central Timor District, which borders the Oecussi enclave.

"Their assignment along the border will be a combat operation and so preparations also need to combat orientated," said IX MAC Commander Major General Syaiful Rizal, after presiding over a roll call of troops in 743 Infantry Battalion in Naibonat, Kupang District on 25 August.

He added that in order to carry out a combat operation along the border, troops needed to be equipped with the appropriate kit. "The weapons and munitions they will take are for combat purposes, and this is why I am checking on their readiness," Rizal was quoted as saying.

Source: Kompas Cyber Media website, Jakarta, in Indonesian 25 Aug 07

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