Subject: Appeal and Declaration for the People of Dili

Appeal and Declaration for the People of Dili

To all the people of Dili, we the elected Chefe do Suco (village chief) that were chosen by the people in the local election, want wholeheartedly to appeal to the people of Dili, to the youth, men and women, elderly, and to the children that “The People of Dili want stability, let the government do its work”. This appeal and declaration also takes into consideration the following things:

The crisis has caused the following:

1. Many residents have left their homes. 2. Many Dili residents have lost their homes and had their houses burnt or destroyed. 3. Many Dili residents have become victims of violence that has occurred in Dili. 4. Many students are not attending school because of lack of security. 5. Many children have become victims and are scared within their own neighbourhoods. 6. Many residents of Dili do not trust each other and hate each other. 7. Many youth fight against each other, throw stones at each other and kill each other. 8. The city of Dili has become insecure for the residents of Dili. 9. Economic activities have been disrupted in the Sucos (villages) and all of Dili. 10. Many schools have closed. 11. Government and the Organs of the State cannot carry out normal activities due to ongoing problems. 12. Presidential and Legislative elections are drawing near.

We, the elected Chefe Suco (village chiefs) therefore appeal and make this declaration to all the people of Dili as follows:

A. To the residents of Dili

1. Request all residents to stay calm and not to fight with each other or keep hate towards each other. 2. Request the youth to respect the elderly, women and children as well as other youth. 3. Request that youth organisations in all of Dili respect each other and talk to each other in order to resolve their problems. 4. Request all residents to work together with Chefe Aldeias (sub-village chiefs), Chefe Sucos, Sub-District Administrators, churches, government, police, law courts, parliament and the President of the Republic to bring Timor-Leste out of the current crisis. 5. Request all residents to respect the organs of sovereignty such as the court system to carry out their work in accordance to the laws and constitution of the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste (DRTL). 6. Request to all fathers and mothers to remove their children from any violence. 7. Request all residents to prepare themselves well to choose the political party that they feel can rule and bring the nation of Timor-Leste forward. 8. Request all residents of Dili to stop the violence and to work together with the government so that the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) can return to their homes. 9. Request all IDPs to work together with the government and all residents of Dili to return to their homes.

B. To all political parties

1. To support the government, police and all Chefe Suco to create conditions in Dili before the Presidential and Legislative elections in the next month.

2. Request political parties to carry on with their work and to prepare for the elections without resorting to violence.

3. Request the political parties to respect the constitution of Timor-Leste and to respect the organs of sovereignty that currently rule the country.

4. Request all political parties to organize and mobilize their members and supporters to follow the right path and to stay away from violence that is currently destroying the people and nation of Timor-Leste.

5. Request all political parties to respect each other, respect each of the party leaders and respect the peoples’ choice.

6. Request all political parties to respect Chefe Sucos and Chefe Aldeias including all of the Sub-District Administrators.

C. To the Religious Institutions and Civil Society Organizations

1. To work together with all residents, mostly with Chefe Sucos and Chefe Aldeias to create conditions of peace and stability in Dili.

2. Request the religious institutions not to look at the persons and parties that the people have chosen.

3. Request the church to always support the Organs of Sovereignty to resolve the current crisis.

4. Request all civil society organizations to work together with the Government and all residents to come out of the current crisis.

With the appeal and declaration as above, we as the Chefes Sucos, Chefe Aldeias, and youth of Dili, give our thanks to the people. Now is the time to say that the People of Dili want stability, let the State do its work.

1. Chefe Suco Motael : Cornelio de A. Lopes 2. Chefe Suco Colmera : Ricardo Guterres 3. Chefe Suco Bidau Santana : Martinho R. Pereira 4. Chefe Suco Meti-Aut : Julião da C. Xavier 5. Chefe Suco Becora : Antonio da Silva Soares 6. Chefe Suco Lahane Oriental : Armando Sequeira Cardoso 7. Chefe Suco Lahane Occidental : Bartolomeu de Araújo 8. Chefe Suco Santa Cruz : Antonio Goncalves 9. Conselho do Suco Camea : Mateus da Silva 10. Chefe Suco Bairopite : João B. da Costa Belo 11. Chefe Suco Vila-Verde : Andre dos Santos Fernandes 12. Chefe Suco Comoro : Eurico da Costa de Jesus 13. Chefe Suco Fatuhada : Justino Moniz G. Leite 14. Chefe Suco Gricenfor : Alexandrino Chaves 15. Chefe Suco Dare : Jose dos Santos 16. Chefe Suco Balibar : Antonio Pereira 17. Chefe Suco Kampung Alor : Agostinho G. da Silva 18. Chefe Suco Kaikoli : Domingos Dias dos Santos 19. Chefe Suco Mascarenhas : Rui I. de Araujo 20. Chefe Suco Kuluhun : Francisco M.M.Ribeiro 21. Chefe Suco Hera : Simão Pedro Ribeiro 22. Chefe Suco Bemori : Afonso da Cruz

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