Subject: UNMIT Daily Media Review 15 November 2006

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Wednesday, 15 November 2006



National Media Reports

IDPs Are Now Returning Home

Following a community meeting with youth representatives for Becora and Kulau, Joao da Silva "Choque" and Jacinto da Silva "Hadia Kulau”, some IDPs have started returning home. STL reports that the meeting, held in a familiar/friendly environment and moderated by Fr. Guilhermino of Becora Parish, discussed many issues of concern like guaranteeing security. Jacinto da Silva 'Kulau' said Kulau was one of the worst affected areas during the crisis and the youth must start to play a greater role in establishing a peaceful environment to assure security for the IDPs wishing to return to their homes, adding, many people from the east have now returned to their residences. He further said the youth of Kulau have welcomed the notion and are providing security for those who have decided to return home. Jacinto da Silva 'Kulau' said he is delighted with the peace actions achieved by the youth in relation to the 12 November massacre anniversary commemoration. He pointed out that a step has been achieved and has opened the way for dialogue and community re-integration, adding, the next phase would be to clear the camps opposite the seaport, the airport and other areas. Joao da Silva "Choque" said the two-day peace march was successful despite some incidents of rock throwing, which according to him is not important, as there are always provocateurs, and appealed to the organizers to continue to maintain their position and work for peace and stability of the nation. The Coordinator of Comoro airport camp, José da Silva Gusmao has stressed that the IDPs of that camp have expressed the desire to return to their homes if the youths assures them safety. (STL)

Major Tara Met With Brigadier General

Major Agusto de Araujo "Tara" met with F-FDTL Brigadier General Taur Matan Ruak for the second time in relation to plans for the veterans to travel to Dili and stabilize the situation. MP Riak Leman organized the meeting. He said that many people, including the government, initially agreed to the plan but the government then decided not to support it because of lack of funds,. Apart from the plan, both Tara and Ruak discussed the subsidies for the petitioners as some of them from Ainaro District are currently facing extreme difficulties. They also discussed the construction of houses for the veterans and for the people who lost their homes as a result of the crisis. (STL)

Strict Access For Media

Journalists of Timor Post (TP) and Diario Nacional have reported that the media is facing difficulties in accessing information on the current Prime Minister's activities which contrasts to that of the former Prime Minister's office. According to TP, during Prime Minister Alkatiri's period, his public relations staff allowed the media access to his daily activities. The journalists are reportedly unhappy with the system adopted by PM's Ramos-Horta public relation office (TP)

Delegation From Britain Meets Barris

A delegation from Great Britain including the Jakarta based Ambassador visited Timor-Leste on Tuesday and met with the Minister of Interior Alcino Barris to discus security and justice assistance. According to Barris, it was also an opportunity to explain to the delegation the functions of the police before and after the crisis and the vision of the ministry's development.

President Determined To Withdraw Project

Francisco Guterres "Lu-Olo" is determined to withdraw the electoral project law from Commission A of the National Parliament if it continues to delay the presentation of the document to the plenary. Guterres said the document was presented to the Commission on October 25 and he personally does not know what is stopping it. But he insists that the report and the suggestions must be approved and presented to the plenary session for discussion and approval within this week, adding that it would enable STAE and the National Electoral Commission to proceed with preparations for the 2007 elections. (TP)

International Media Reports

Australia, Indonesia sign security treaty

CANBERRA, Australia, Nov. 14 (UPI)

Australia and Indonesia have signed a new security treaty, replacing an earlier one torn up in 1999 by Jakarta in a rift over what is now called Timor Leste. The security and defense accord includes provisions governing technology sharing, illegal fishing, immigration and border controls, smuggling, counter-terrorism and intelligence. The Australian reported there are also provisions in the accord signed in Indonesia Monday for cooperation on nuclear non-proliferation activities and for protecting national integrity - a reference interpreted as meaning Australia would not allow Indonesian separatists to use Australia as a springboard for anti-Indonesian activity. How that clause is interpreted and acted upon by Australia is still a matter of conjecture. Australia has indicated it would not limit free speech by Indonesian dissidents in the country, but neither would the government encourage separatism in Indonesia. Timor Leste is the former Indonesian province of East Timor, has achieved independence after years of violence. Indonesia is currently experiencing turmoil in Papua, resulting in refugees trying to reach Australia to seek asylum. The accord was signed at the resort island of Lombok by Foreign Minister Alexander Downer and his Indonesian counterpart, Hassan Wirajuda. (United Press International)


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