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Wednesday, 04 July 2007


National Media Reports

Horta calls on F-FDTL to respect human rights

At an F-FDTL workshop on Human Rights on Tuesday (03/7) in Dili, President José Ramos-Horta called upon the F-FDTL to ensure the respect human rights, following their involvement in the crisis last year.

"F-FDTL and police officers wear the national uniform, carry weapons and should promote law and order and respect human rights," said Mr. Horta. (STL and TVTL)

Close competition between CNRT and Fretilin

The preliminary elections results show that [ruling party] Fretilin has a slight lead with 101,699 votes (28, 86%), however 141 ballot boxes still remain to be counted.

From the remaining boxes, it is expected that the votes will either go to CNRT or Fretilin ­ Fretilin to receive thee majority of the votes from Baucau and Ermera Districts while CNRT hopes to have a majority in Dili, Bobonaro and Liquica. (STL)

The Indonesian language will not replace Portuguese in Timor-Leste

In response to queries regarding the official language of Timor-Leste, the Minister of Culture and Education, Mrs. Rosaria Maria Corte-Real, reportedly said that Indonesian will not replace Portuguese as the official language of the country.

However, she also said that knowledge of the Indonesian language would be beneficial for maintaining good relations -- political and economic -- with its neighboring country. (STL)

Rerden: "ISF conducted patrols across Timor-Leste"

The Commander of International Stabilization Forces (ISF), Brigadier Mal Rerden, reportedly said that prior to the parliamentary elections on 30 June, the ISF supported UNPol and PNTL in preparing the elections security plan.

Mr. Rerden mentioned that the ISF provided 20 helicopters for the operation and 800 ISF officers from Australia and New Zealand cooperated with UNPol to conduct 140 patrols across Timor-Leste. (DN)

UN provides 123.500 tons of food to Timorese people in need

At an UNMIT press conference held on Tuesday (3/7) in Dili, DSRSG Finn Reske-Nielsen stated that the UN will provide 123.500 tons of food to assist the people of Timor-Leste. (DN)

WFP and FAO report identified six districts in danger of facing a food crisis At an UNMIT press conference on Tuesday (3/7) in Dili, DSRSG Finn Reske-Nielsen said that the WFP/FAO report identified six districts which are in danger of facing a food crisis from October 2007 until March 2008.

"Manatuto, Baucau, Bobonaro, Ermera, Lautem and Oecusse districts have been identified by the WFP/FAO as the risk areas," said Mr. Reske-Nielsen, who was accompanied by the Acting Director of WFP, Ms. Angeline Rudakubana and the FAO Director Chana Epeskorku. (TP)

Horta: too early to define the status of Alfredo

At an F-FDTL workshop on Human Rights on Tuesday (03/7) in Dili, President José Ramos-Horta said that the status of former military Police Commander, Major Alfredo Reinado Alves, will be decided after the proposed dialogue with him. (DN and TP)

ISF: Mission Impossible to arrest Alfredo

The ISF Commander, Brigadier Mal Rerden, acknowledged that the operation to capture former military Police Commander, Major Alfredo Reinado Alves and his men was complicated. He said that the difficult terrain made it difficult to use modern military equipment.

"I think the Timorese people understand that owing to the difficult terrain in this country, it was difficult to find their hide-out," said Mr. Rerden. (TP)

Counting of Votes will end on 15 July

At a CNE press conference held on Tuesday (3/7) in Dili, the CNE Spokesperson, Maria Angelina Sarmento, informed the media that the counting process for the parliamentary elections will end on 15 July 2007.

"An end date has not been determined by the law but the CNE expects that all votes will be counted by the 15th of July," said Ms. Sarmento.

She also appealed to the media to confirm their information regarding statistics and preliminary results prior to publishing. (TP)

International Media Reports

Fretilin leads East Timor parliamentary poll as over half of ballots count out 2007-07-03 23:39:44

JAKARTA, July 3 (Xinhua) -- As over half of ballots in East Timor's parliamentary election counted out on Tuesday afternoon, the ruling Fretilin party took the first place.

According to East Timor's national election committee, there were 278,238 ballots out of 529198 in total have been counted, and the counting ended in 6 districts out of 13 by Tuesday afternoon.

Preliminary figures showed Fretilin had 81689 ballots, CNRT which is established by independence hero and former president Xanana Gusmao got 59602, the Coalition of ASDT/PSD party with 45180 was in the third place.

There is no party winning the simple majority until now, so a coalition in parliament and government becomes a possibility.

Local political analysts said the gap of ballots between Fretilin and CNRT is expected to narrow as results of counting in Dili come out.

There were fourteen parties took part in the 65-seat parliament election which was held last Friday.


Dili, 3 July (AKI) - As the vote count continues from Saturday's parliamentary elections in East Timor, it appears that no one party will win an absolute majority and some leaders are already talking about forming coalitions. "There are no big differences that separate us from former president Gusmao," said former guerrilla fighter and president of the Democrat Party, Fernando "Lasama" de Araujo in an interview with Adnkronos International (AKI). De Araujo was referring to Xanana Gusmao, the former independence hero who recently stepped down as president. Gusmao is also the leader of the new party, the National Congress for East Timor Reconstruction.

"We have to talk and clear some issues but I do not foresee big problems," de Araujo told AKI confirming his party's intention to unite with Gusmão’s party to run the country.

So far, half of the votes have been counted and the ruling Fretilin party has secured 30 percent, leading Gusmão’s party which has 22 percent of the votes.

The Democrat Party is in fourth position with 11.6 percent of the vote, followed by the coalition of the Timorese Social Democrat Association/Social Democrat Party (ASDT/PSD) which has about 17 percent of the vote. There three parties made an agreement before the election to work together as a united front either in government or in opposition.

Local laws stipulate that a party or a coalition of parties have to command a majority in parliament in order to govern.

The unofficial final results of the polls should be known within the next three days.

NATIONAL NEWS SOURCES: Timor Post (TP) Radio Timor-Leste (RTL) Suara Timor Lorosae (STL) Diario Tempo (DT) Diario Nacional (DN) Semanario Televisaun Timor-Leste (TVTL)

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