Subject: UNMIT Daily Media Review 17-19 March 2007

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Saturday-Monday, 17-19 March 2007



National Media Reports

Horta: I will not tolerate those who keep weapons.

The Prime Minister, Ramos Horta appealed in a Mini Dialogue with FOSCAPA (Catholic Youth of Aileu Parish) to avoid holding weapons for the good of the nation, or else the international community will always be in Timor-Leste.

He added that F-FDTL and PNTL are the only institutions who have the right to have and to hold weapons. (TP, 17/3)

First Day Presidential Election Campaign, 3 Candidates go down to 3 Districts

While waiting for the campaign schedule from CNE, three presidential candidates, Francisco Guterres Lu-Olo, Francisco Xavier do Amaral, and Jose Ramos Horta have targeted first places to campaign.

Lu-Olo will start his first campaign in Ossu, a sub-district of Viqueque District and his birth place.

Meanwhile, the candidate which has the major opportunity to win the upcoming Presidential Election 09/04/2007, Jose Ramos Horta will start his campaign in the Gedung Matahari Terbit (GMT), Dili.

The ASDT candidate, Francisco Xavier do Amaral will start his campaign in the soccer field of Maliana, capital city of Bobonaro District.

The other five candidates ≠ Avelino Maria Coelho, Manuel Tilman, Luccia Lobato, and Joao Viegas Carrascalao had not confirmed their first places of campaign yet. (STL, 17/3)

8 Candidates of Presidential Election Sign Code of Conduct

The 8 Candidates of PR for 2007/2012 period are ready to compete in the upcoming presidential election on 09/04. The Code of Conduct has been signed by the candidates as the basis to run the campaign and during the election process.

Faustino Gomes, the president of CNE reportedly said the constitution granted the citizens' the right to take part in the process of elections. He highlighted that candidates should demonstrate their efforts and capacities pacifically for the success of the upcoming election.

Any misconduct occurring during the campaign will be reported to STAE, CNE and the court. (STL, 17/3)

No Negotiation for Justice: Ramos-Horta

Prime Minister Ramos-Horta has reportedly said that the Government and the State will not negotiate the issue of justice in relation to Alfredo Reinado's case as it is the competence of the judges.

Ramos-Horta further said, despite the letter he received from Alfredo's lawyer on the proposed peace solution, the position of the President of the Republic, President of the Parliament and the Government remains the same, that is for Alfredo to hand in the guns and himself and let the court make the decisions. (STL and DN, 19/3)

Fretilin demands Alfredo to respect campaign

The Assistant Secretary General of Fretilin, Jose Reis reportedly appealed to Alfredo Reinado to respect the campaign in order to create stability in the country. Reis demanded that Alfredo, as a Timorese, respect the justice of people and the candidates.

Reis calls for Reinado to respect the campaign and its significance towards Democracy and Justice for all people. (STL)

Leandro: Mau Hu (spy) for who collaborates with Australia

The member of National parliament Leandro Isaac reportedly demanded to all people not to collaborate with ISF, unless they want to be considered as Mau Hu (spy) and suffer the consequences of being Mau Hu as in the 1999.

Leandro said that the people of Timor Leste are now anti Australian Forces, emphasizing that Mr. Rerden is not the Commander of F-FDTL. He said the Australian Forces are disliked because they took away the sovereignty of the country. (STL)

Arm Illegal Weapons, UNPOL-ISF Arrested 6 in Ermera

United Nation Police (UNPOL) with International Security Forces (ISF) on Sunday approximately 11:00 am arrested 6 people with armed with illegal weapons in Ermera Village.

The Spokesman of ISF, Major Ivan Benetives, reportedly told TP that UNPOL and ISF arrested 6 people because of possession of traditional weapons. Major Ivan didn't say which types of weapons they were holding or which group the six people belong to. Major Ivan that further information needs to be confirmed with UNPOL.

On the other hand, the Commander of PNTL Ermera District, Jacinto Assunc√£o, said that though UNPOL and ISF did not confirm, he heard that the six people have been arrested because of traditional weapons and now have been detained in Dili. (TP, 19/3)

International Media Reports

Timor-Leste: UN Mission Welcomes Code of Conduct for Presidential Election (News Blaze)

The United Nations Integrated Mission in Timor-Leste (UNMIT) today welcomed the signing of a code of conduct for next month's presidential election, saying it will help with efforts to ensure that the polls are free and fair.

The Secretary-General's Special Representative, Atul Khare, said the code - which was signed by all eight presidential candidates in the capital, Dili - is a clear commitment by all candidates to free and fair elections.

The code commits candidates, and their supporters, to either accept the election results or challenge them only through competent courts and to conduct campaigns that are positive and not based on personal attacks against other candidates.

Other clauses include a commitment to respect the rights of competing candidates and to refrain from exercising any illegitimate influence on voters.

The code was drafted by the Technical Secretariat for the Administration of Elections, the national body which will run the election, and was approved by the National Electoral Commission.

Mr. Khare also signed the code as a witness, along with State, church and civil society representatives.

"Today's signing signifies a formal acknowledgement of the guiding principles and rules that will help to ensure that the 2007 presidential elections are free, fair, transparent and peaceful," he said. UNMIT's mandate includes the provision of support to Timor-Leste to carry out presidential and parliamentary elections this year.

NZ to increase commitment to East Timor

New Zealand's commitment to East Timor is being increased with two air force helicopters and another 32 personnel to be deployed, Prime Minister Helen Clark says. She said the two Iroquois helicopters would be in East Timor for up to 12 months with a third on standby.

The 32 personnel involved in that deployment will take the total number of New Zealanders involved in the Combined Joint Task Force (CJTF) to about 180. "This is happening at what is potentially a more volatile period in the run-up to the presidential elections in April," Clark said at her post-cabinet news conference.

"The helicopters will provide additional transport to the CJTF as it supports UN operations in what is a mountainous country with a poor road network and where helicopters are essential for moving personnel."

Clark also announced that a senior New Zealand officer would take up the appointment of deputy commander of the CJTF.

East Timor has been through troubled times since gaining independence from Indonesia in 2002 and New Zealand has been involved in operations there since 1999, during the transition period.

New Zealand troops have been with the CJTF, along with more than 900 Australians, since it was deployed in 2006.

As well as the troops, there are 25 New Zealand police in the country as part of a UN mission, and two defence force personnel are attached to the Timorese defence force as advisors. (AAP)


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