Subject: AN: RI Hoping Timor Leste's New Govt to Continue Predecessor's Policies

Also Horta should emulate Xanana in managing ties with Indonesia

RI Hoping Timor Leste's New Govt to Continue Predecessor's Policies

ANTARA, The Indonesian National News Agency

Jakarta, May 11 (ANTARA) - Foreign Minister Hassan Wirajuda said Indonesia was hoping Timor Leste's new government will continue the policies of its predecessor, including that on the Indonesia-Timor Leste Joint Commission of Truth and Friendship to settle their common residual problems

"We hope that Timor Leste's next government, the newly elected president, prime minister and parliament members, will continue the polices which were pursued by their predecessors," Wirajuda said

The minister made the statement at the Foreign Ministry building after installing a number of echelon I and II officials here on Friday

He said he hoped the newly elected government would continue the CTF process in order to settle the two countries' historical burden through reconsiliation by building friendship

Asked about the possibility of a change in Timor Leste's position on the CTF if Jose Ramos Horta was elected president, the minister said Horta was one of the Timor Leste governemnt officials involved in the CTF's establishment

"Don't forget that Ramos Horta and I were involved since the beginning in initiating the CTF concept. So I hope the CTF will be able to work until the expiry of its tenure," the minister said

Ramos Horta was reported to be leading the temporary vote count in the second round of Timor Leste's presidential election in which he was competing with Parliament Speaker Francisco Guterres

Wirajuda said he had phoned Horta and personally congratulated him for the lead he was having in the provisional vote count


5/18/07 13:26

Horta should emulate Xanana in managing ties with Indonesia

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Timor Leste`s newly-elected President Ramos Horta should follow the example of his predecessor Xanana Gusmao in managing his country`s relations with Indonesia, a legislator said here on Friday.

"Xanana Gusmao`s flexibility in maintaining communication and relations with various elements in Indonesian society was really good and should be emulated by newly-elected President Ramos Horta," Andreas H Pareira, a member of the House of Repreentatives (DPR) Commission I representing the Indonesian Democratic Party-Struggle (PDI-P), said.

Nobel Peace laureate Jose Ramos Horta was officially declared Timor Leste`s next president after winning a landslide victory in the second phase of Timor Leste`s general election two weeks ago.

Horta won 69 percent of the vote in the election, and his victory was expected to bring peace and heal deep divisions after last year`s unrest.

Ruling Fretilin Party candidate Francisco Guterres finished with 31 percent on the vote.

The poll was the country`s first since it won independence in 2002 following a bloody separation period after a quarter-century of integration with Indonesia.

Pareira said bilateral relations between Indonesia and Timor Leste during the government of former President Xanana Gusmao underwent significant improvements which had laid the basis for the creation of good neighborly relations.

"As I said earlier, relations between Indonesia and Timor Leste have so far been good due to Xanana Gusmao`s flexibility in building communication with various elements in Indonesian society," Pareira said.

In the terms of Timor Leste`s foreign policy, Xanana had placed Indonesia in the position of a main dialog partner, he said.

"Such a policy should be continued by Ramos Horta if he wants to maintain good relations with Indonesia," Pareira said, adding that Indonesia`s stance in furture relations with Timor Leste would depend on the latter`s position. (*)

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