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Saturday 12 and Monday 14 May 2007


National Media Reports

Lu-Olo concedes Horta’s Victory

The presidential candidate from Fretilin party Francisco Guterres Lu-Olo has conceded Horta’s victory in second round of presidential election. He said he bows to the decision which has been given by all people of Timor Leste in choosing their new president.

Lu-Olo made the comments are a press at a press conference held by the Committee Central of Fretilin (CCF) in Dili on Friday and congratulated Jose Ramos Horta on his win.

At the same time the secretary general of Fretilin and the former prime minister of Timor-Leste, Mari Alkatiri said that Fretilin will remodel itself upon the internal dynamic of the party. (STL)

Xanana’s Farewell, F-FDTL should never be pressured by any political sides

President Xanana Gusmão has issued an appeal for the Commander of the F-FDTL not be pressured but rather to ensure the security and sovereignty of the country.

During the farewell speech at the F-FDTL headquarters, Mr Gusmão said that liberty and democracy are the new contest for the people of Timor Leste and that it is the responsibility of the F-FDTL to defend the people from any internal and external threat.

At the same occasion, the commander of F-FDTL Brigadier Taur Matan Ruak called Jose Ramos Horta, as the new president of republic and supreme commander of F-FDTL, to promote peace and development in Timor-Leste.

TMR revealed that F-FDTL is not going to work with the new supreme commander, but will act in accordance with the order of the new supreme commander to submit to the state. (STL)

Manipulation could not defeat Horta

At a press conference on Friday (11/5) in Elections Media Center Caicoli Dili, the Coalition for Monitoring the General Elections (KOMEG) stated that the run-off election raised indications of manipulation in some districts, yet the manipulation did not prevent Horta from winning his victory. (STL)

Alfredo intends to submit himself

After Rogerio Lobato was sentenced last week fugitive Alfredo Reinado said in his letter to president of republic, Xanana Gusmao that he intends to submit to justice and proceed along the existing lines of law and order that prevail in Timor Leste.

The letter was received recently by Xanana Gusmao in Dili.

“Alfredo wants to negotiate in submitting himself to justice” said Ramos Horta quoting Alfredo’s letter.

The president-elect said that Reinado’s surrender would be welcomed. (STL)

CNE receives 125 complaints

The spokesperson of CNE, Fr. Martinho Gusmão said that CNE has received 125 complaints related to the process of the second round of presidential election.

“In relation with national vote counting, CNE received 125 complaints from the voters about the electoral process, and CNE will study the complaints before taking any decision,” said Fr. Martinho on Sunday (13/5) at a press conference in Elections Media Center Caicoli Dili. (STL)

Uatolari: police off duty – people fled to church

The run-off presidential election has passed and the result shows that presidential candidate Jose Manuel Ramos Horta is elected to be the new president of republic.

However some supporters of the losing presidential candidate Francisco Guterres Lu-Olo in Uatolari Viqueque district are not accepting the election’s result.

After announcing the result of presidential election, Fretilin militants in Uatolari allegedly threatened and intimidated people and caused people to flee to the church and to PNTL HQ in Uatolari, Viqueque district. (STL)

Japan trusts in Timor-Leste

At a press conference held by Japanese Embassy in Dili on Friday (11/5) at Hotel Timor, the Japanese Ambassador in Timor Leste, Kenji Shimizu and director of Japanese Observation Mission, Ozawa stated that the second round of presidential election on last 9 May was well conducted. Japan said that it trusts that people and the government of Timor-Leste will hold its parliamentary election well. (STL)

PNTL using operational system in conflict prevention

UNPol has worked closely with the PNTL to prevent any public disturbance that may have been created during the second round of the presidential election. The intern commander of PNTL Afonso de Jesus made the comments to journalists at a press conference last Wednesday.

“We will use the same system as previous during the campaign, election day and result announcement in responding to the conflicts,” said Afonso. (STL)

Rogerio Lobato treated as other prisoners

The lawyer of former Minister of Interior, Rogerio Tiago Lobato; Paul Remedios said on Friday (11/4) at Rogerio’s residence Farol Dili said that Rogerio will be treated equally as other prisoners in Becora jail. (STL)

UNMIT praises Rogerio Lobato submit himself to justice

UNMIT has appreciated the orderly unfolding of the judicial process over the past few months in the ongoing case of the Former Minister for Interior, Rogerio Lobato. Justice is a pre-requisite for reconciliation and stability.

Lobato was one of number of individuals who were recommended for investigation and possible prosecution by the Commission of Inquiry Report for his role in the violence that besieged Timor-Leste in April and May last year.

He was sentenced by the Dili District Court on March 7, 2007 to seven and a half years in prison. Immediately following the decision, lawyers for Lobato filed an appeal which was yesterday dismissed by the Court of Appeal.

The head of the United Nations Mission in Timor Leste, Atul Khare has commended all relevant parties involved in the trial of the former Minister for the Interior noting that Lobato submitted voluntarily and peacefully to justice.

Mr Khare expressed his hope that that others including Alfredo Reinado would follow this example.

Mr Khare added that the observation of both prosecution and defence to the fundamental principles of the rule of the law bodes well for the future of justice and reconciliation in Timor Leste.

Yesterday’s decision shows that a culture of impunity will not be tolerated in Timor-Leste and that respect for the legal process will lead to the longer term goals of national reconciliation and unity

United Nations police officers (UNPol) provided security at the Court of Appeal in Dili yesterday and also assisted in the transfer of Lobato to Becora Prison later in the day.

UNMIT looks forward to working with the national authorities to ensuring that all recommendations set forward in the COI report are implemented.

UNMIT is mandated through Resolution 1704 to “assist in further strengthening the national institutional and societal capacity and mechanisms for the monitoring, promoting and protecting of human rights and for promoting justice and reconciliation. (TP)

Fretilin should be courageous to face a self improvement

The military and political observer, Julio Thomas Pinto told journalists on Saturday at the Hotel Timor in Dili that Fretilin should be courageous enough to self improve and possibly restructure ahead of the parliamentary election.

“The great obstacle for Fretilin, should the leaders of Fretilin be courageous enough to face it, is self improvement. It is clear that Fretilin has to be restored, however time is limited,” said Julio. (TP)

If Alfredo replies to Xanana’s letter, thestate will halt the operation officially

The state will officially halt the operation of International Stabilization Forces (ISF) on Alfredo Reinado if he replies to Xanana’s letter promptly.

“If Reinado replies Xanana’s letter promptly, it will make the official suspension,” said Ramos Horta on Friday (11/5) in his office.

RH said Xanana Gusmão will send a letter in next few days in responding to the letter of Alfredo last week.

Horta revealed that Alfredo’s letter was asking for a dialogue, that would be making him to submit himself to the justice, but the ISF operation should be halted. (TP)

International Media Reports

Ramos Horta will be a very fine president: Downer

Saturday, May 12, 2007. 0:37AM (AEST)

Foreign Minister Alexander Downer says he is delighted Jose Ramos Horta has been elected President of East Timor.

Final counting has Dr Ramos Horta securing 69 per cent of the total vote but he has not yet officially declared victory.

Mr Downer says he has become close friends with Dr Ramos Horta over the many years they have worked together on East Timor.

"I know he'll make a very fine president of East Timor and we'll work very well with him," Mr Downer said.

"Now we look forward to the parliamentary elections on June 31 and hope there'll be a quiet and stable environment as we've had for the presidential elections."

Dr Ramos Horta says he has already spoken to his opponent Francisco 'Lu Olo' Guterres. "Other Fretilin leaders congratulated me - I have widespread, unanimous support from the Fretilin leadership," he said.

Dr Ramos Horta says he will resign as Prime Minister as soon as the election result is announced officially, which could be on Monday.

He will hand the job to one of his deputies, Fretilin government minister Estanislau da Silva.

But with East Timor heading to the polls a third time for parliamentary elections next month, Fretilin's hold on the primeministership could be short lived.

Dr Ramos Horta will take up the presidency on Sunday week, the fifth anniversary of independence.

Multitude of Parties to Contest Timor Parliamentary Election

Source: East Timor Legal Information Site May 12, 2007 18:09:57

Fourteen political parties have been registered to contest the forthcoming East Timor Parliamentary Election.

(PRLog.Org) – With the Presidential election now complete in East Timor, attention is now cantered on the more crucial parliamentary election that is scheduled for 30 June.

The East Timor National Elections Commission (CNE) has issued the official list of parties that are registered to contest seats in the national parliament. No less than 14 parties will vie for seats in the young nation's legislature.

Along with the established parties such as Fretilin, the Democratic Party, the Timorese Democratic Union (UDT) and the Social Democratic Party, a plethora of new parties will make their debut on the Timorese political stage.

The recently-formed new parties include the Republican Party, headed by intellectual Joao Saldanha from the economic think-tank Timor Institute of Development Studies and the National Congress of Timorese Reconstruction (CNRT) led by resistance hero Xanana Gusmao who will step down as President on 20 May to make way for his predecessor, Jose Ramos Horta, after a landslide victory in the recent presidential poll.

CNRT has promised sweeping reforms of all aspects of governance and is expected to gain wide support from the electorate. The party has already held discussions with the opposition parties with a view to forming an alliance in the national parliament to oust Fretilin control of the legislature.

KiwiFM Audio: Wallace & Manning on Timor Elections

Monday, 14 May 2007, 10:42 am Article: Scoop Audio

Wallace Chapman and Scoop's Selwyn Manning discuss the probable positives that will emerge from Jose Ramos Horta winning the Timor Leste presidential elections by a landslide 69 percent of the vote.

Will Australia and New Zealand work with Horta to ensure Timor progresses?

NATIONAL NEWS SOURCES: Timor Post (TP) Radio Timor-Leste (RTL) Suara Timor Lorosae (STL) Diario Tempo (DT) Diario Nacional Semanario Televisaun Timor-Leste (TVTL)


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