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Wednesday, 23 May 2007


National Media Reports

US$ 500.000 subsidy to political parties for the legislative campaign

After meeting with the president of republic, Jose Manuel Ramos Horta on Tuesday (22/5) in Palacio das Cinzas Caicoli Dili, the third Prime Minister of Constitution, Estanislau Aleixo da Silva, stated that the Government will provide US$ 500.000 subsidy for all political parties in the electoral campaign of legislative election.

“Government has subsidized approximately US$500.000 to provide for all political parties that will compete in upcoming parliamentary election; however it is still waiting for the proposal from CNE. The fund has been presented to president of republic,” said da Silva. (DN, STL and TP)

Longuinhos: optimistic on the dialogue with Alfredo

Prosecutor General Longuinhos Monteiro stated that he believes the manner of dialogue to resolve Alfredo’s case will be successful.

The manner of dialogue has been opened and he is confident that a resolution can be reached, Longuinhos said after meeting with the President of the Republic Jose Ramos Horta on Tuesday (22/5) in Palacio das Cinzas Caicoli Dili.

Mr. Monteiro added that President Jose Ramos Horta invited him to provide information about the role of the Public Ministry over the last five years. He also said that the President presented questions about the case of Alfredo and his men. (DN and TP)

Clash in Maliana, 3 injured and 1 murdered

The clash between two groups on Sunday (20/5) in Maliana district, sub-district Bobonaro resulted in three injured and one death.

The spokesperson of UNMIT, Ms. Allison Cooper, on Tuesday (22/5) said that the clash happened at the time of rice distribution in Maliana district.

Because of such confrontation, Ms. Allison said that PNTL and UNPol continue to maintain security in places of high risk. (DN)

Conflict in Lecidere: 3 UNPol injured and 49 people captured

The UNMIT spokesperson Ms. Allison Cooper said on Tuesday (22/5) in UNMIT HQ Obrigado Barracks Caicoli Dili that the clash between two groups on Sunday (20/5) in Lecidere Dili resulted in the injury of three members of UNPol and the capture of 49 people currently awaiting trial.

Ms. Cooper said that UNPol did not know the motivation behind the confrontation but that UNPol quickly responded and brought the situation under control. (DN)

Claudio waits for the decision of the president of republic

The president of the Court of Appeal, Claudio Ximenes, said that if the President of Republic (PR) Jose Ramos Horta allows him to maintain his role as the President of the Court of Appeal in the next period, he will remain but, he said, the ultimate decision will be determined by the President of the Republic.

Mr. Claudio said that as a Timorese, he is already contributing within this role to the judicial system but should he change his position he will continue to contribute to the judicial process,” said Mr. Claudio after meeting with the President of Republic Jose Ramos Horta on Tuesday (22/5) in Palacio das Cinzas Caicoli Dili. (DN and TP)

Joaquim: Claudio deserves to be re-nominated

The member of national parliament from ruling party Fretilin, Joaquim do Santos said on Tuesday (22/5) in national parliament said Claudio Ximenes deserves to be re-nominated as the President of the Court of Appeal. (DN)

L-7 calls for Ramos Horta to solve the refugee problem

The president of UNDERTIM party, Cornelio Gama alias L-7, called on the President of Republic, Jose Manuel Ramos Horta to use his competencies to solve the refugee problem and to maintain and stabilize the national unity and security in the country.

“Promptly we want to solve the refugees’ problem, so the population can return home,” said L-7 while participating in the fifth Timor-Leste’s restoration of Independence Day on Sunday (20/5) in government palace. (STL)

Government agrees with Ramos Horta in halting the operation on Alfredo

The third Prime Minister of Constitution, Estanislau Aleixo da Silva, stated that Government agrees with the President of the Republic Jose Ramos Horta in halting the operations of International Stabilization Forces (ISF) to capture Alfredo Reinado Alves, if the decision benefits the people and the nation. (STL and TP)

Government will not force IDPs to return home

The coordinator of Emergency Programme of IDPs, Jose Asa, informed that the Government will not compel IDPs to return home.

According to Mr. Asa, IDPs decided that they will not return home due to the conflict between martial arts groups.

He said the IDPs feel strongly about this and that their security is not guaranteed. Those who have had their houses burned will return when their houses are rebuilt, said Mr. Asa on Tuesday (22/5) in his office in Caicoli Dili. (TP)

Legislative campaign will start on 27 of May

The spokesperson of CNE Fr. Martinho Gusmão reportedly stated that the electoral campaign of political parties for legislative election will be held for 30 days and will run from 27 of May until 27.

Fr. Gusmão informed that before campaigning, all political parties have to provide a detailed schedule of the campaign itself and present it to CNE for acknowledgment.

“Our tasks is not just to acknowledge and approve it; we also want to know the movement of the electoral supervision,” said Fr. Martinho on Tuesday (21/5) in Lecidere Dili. (TP)

Threats to Alfredo’s lawyer: state has to provide protection

In relation with the declaration from Alfredo’s lawyer, Benevides Correa Barros, alleging threats received from some groups, the members of National Parliament from the Democratic party (PD) and PST, Rui Menezes and Pedro da Costa Martires told journalists on Tuesday (22/5) that the State has an obligation to provide protection to Alfredo’s lawyer.

According to these members of Parliament, the State is responsible for providing protection for those lawyers who have a moral obligation to assist the State and Government in the judicial process to resolve crisis in the country. (TP)

International Media Reports

East Timor renegade soldier says he will not surrender The Jakarta Post May 23, 2007

UNDATED (AP): East Timorese renegade soldier Maj. Alfredo Reinado said he would not surrender to authorities hunting him down for his role in deadly violence that brought down the country’s government last year, raising the risk of further unrest in Asia's newest nation.

"They do not want me to surrender, they want me dead," Reinado said in his first interview since last week's presidential elections. He spoke on condition that the date of his interview and his whereabouts not be revealed.

"While I am still alive, I am trouble to them."

A spokesman for President Jose Ramos-Horta said the leader may comment later Friday on the remarks. He and other officials have repeatedly called on Reinado to surrender, saying he would not be harmed if he did so.

A former military police commander, Reinado is wanted for bloody fighting that erupted in East Timor last year following months of rising tensions within the country's political and military elite. The violence killed 37 people and led to the collapse of the country's first government since it broke from Indonesian rule in 1999.

The Australian peacekeeping troops who arrived on the island following the violence have been hunting for Reinado. Two months ago, they raided his mountain hide-out after surrounding it for several days, killing four of his followers, but Reinado escaped. His defiance and strident anti-Australian rhetoric has turned him into a symbol of resistance for some young East Timorese. His ability to remain free while also giving regular media interviews has shown the apparent weakness of the tiny nation's central government.

"We are not an Australian colony, what are the Australians doing here?" the 39-year-old said. "Don't think they can turn us into Papua New Guinea and other Pacific countries. Never. We are friends, but we have to respect each other."

He dismissed last week's election that saw Nobel Peace Prize winner Jose Ramos-Horta replace independence leader Xanana Gusmao as president. Next month, the country will vote for the more powerful position of prime minister. (**)


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