Subject: Munir Update: Court To Try Garuda Executive Over Activist's Murder

Indonesian Court To Try Garuda Executive Over Activist Murder

JAKARTA, Nov. 7 (AFP) -- Judges ruled here Wednesday that a trial of a former secretary at flag carrier Garuda Indonesia accused of being an accessory to the 2004 murder of activist Munir Said Thalib should proceed.

Rohainil Aini is accused of issuing a falsified document which allowed an off-duty pilot, Pollycarpus Priyanto, to board a flight taken by Munir from Jakarta to Singapore and on to Amsterdam.

The Supreme Court last year overturned a conviction of Priyanto for poisoning Munir with arsenic but state prosecutors are requesting a case review to see the original verdict reinstated.

Priyanto is accused of links to the powerful Indonesian intelligence agency.

"All objections are not legally justifiable and therefore should be rejected. This case will be continued," read Makasau, head of the panel of judges hearing the case at the Central Jakarta court.

Hearings so far had focused on whether the administrative and procedural requirements of the case were met.

The trial will resume on Nov. 13 to begin hearing witnesses.

A separate trial of a former Garuda boss also accused of being an accessory to Munir's murder was expected to continue later Wednesday at the same court.

Several witnesses were due to appear in the case against Indra Setiawan, who could face up to 15 years in jail for his role in the murder.

Munir, who died aged 38, was a well-known activist who provided legal counsel for victims of officially-sanctioned violence during president Suharto's 32-year rule.

His case has elicited widespread international attention and is seen as a test of how far the Indonesian government has reformed since Suharto stepped down amid riots in 1998.


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