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Tuesday, 15 January 2008


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National Media Reports

TVTL news coverage

Horta is confident that the Task Force can resolve the Reinado issue: Following the recent withdrawal of the National Movement for Peace and Justice (MUNJ) from the Task Force team set up by the Government, President Jose Ramos Horta still firmly believes in the Task Force's ability to resolve Alfredo Reinado and the petitioners' problems.

Horta said he will soon contact the Catholic Church and ask them to appoint a church representative to be a mediator in the dialogue.

Horta also said Reinado and the petitioners are victims of the political crises of 2006 and he called on them to continue holding dialogue with the Government.

RTL news coverage More than a hundred people come to the office of the president to ask for assistance under the President's Poverty Reduction Programme: More than a hundred people came to the office of the president on Monday (14/1) to ask for assistance.

Some of them were protesting against the registration process, claiming nepotism and unfairness.

"They are looking for their families and then registering them," said Lucia Rosa, one of the protesters.

She said that they should identify the exact number of poor people first before giving them assistance.

* * *

Meeting of Reinado-Horta; NP considers it a positive step Even though the National Parliament (NP) did not get the details about the informal dialogue between President (PR) Ramos-Horta and Alfredo Reinado, it still considered it to be a positive step.

'We are all waiting for a solution; we are in the final hour to find a solution and I think that the people agree with the NP, and believe Alfredo's case should be solved," said the President of NP Fernando Lasama.

The statement of the President of the NP Lasama was based on the information that a meeting was called to find a final solution for the Reinado issue. (STL)

Fretilin: asks Xanana to explain the 2006 crisis The Member of the NP from Fretilin, Francisco Miranda, called on Prime Minister (PM) Xanana Gusmão to explain the problems of the 2006 crisis, since a video that was distributed across the country labelled him as the author of the crisis.

"As representatives of the people we are concerned about the impact of the video because of what it said about Xanana being the author of the 2006 crisis," said Mr. Miranda on Monday (14/1) in Dili.

It is important that Xanana should be clear since many people have lost their properties and houses and have become IDPs.

The Member of the NP from CNRT, Pedro da Costa, said that the pressure from Fretilin is normal for a democratic state - if there is something that destroys the nation's stability it should be brought to court with evidence, as only the court can decide whether it is true or not. (STL)

UNMIT: asks PR Horta to conduct dialogue with Reinado as soon as possible The Special Representative of Secretary-General (SRSG) for Timor Leste and the Head of United Nations Mission in Timor-Leste (UNMIT), Atul Khare, asked President (PR) José Ramos-Horta, who just met Alfredo Reinado in Maubisse, to bring about dialogue as soon as possible.

"I used to meet PR Horta weekly. We would speak about security in the country and about how to solve the problems of the petitioners and Alfredo's group," said SRSG Khare on Monday (14/1) in the Palacio das Cinzas Caicoli, Dili.

Today MUNJ - who withdrew from the Task Force of the Government – went to Suai before PR Horta to have a meeting with Alfredo on Wednesday (16/1). (STL)

Alkatiri: asks Xanana to step down East Timor's former Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri has called on current Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao to resign, amid claims he orchestrated the deadly unrest that erupted in 2006.

Alkatiri resigned as prime minister in June that year after a request from then President Gusmao, based on allegations that Alkatiri and several of his ministers gave instructions to arm civilian militia during the crisis.

His government had earlier sacked more than a third of the country's defence force, sparking factional violence that left 37 people dead and drove 100,000 from their homes.

Many of the sacked soldiers joined the rebellious former military police chief Alfredo Reinado, who last week alleged Gusmao was the "mastermind" who had fomented the unrest.

"I think that it is time for Xanana to resign from his post because he has established a precedent in 2006 based on allegations without fact," Alkatiri said on Sunday.

Alkatiri said the people of East Timor were waiting to find out the truth behind the crisis. Gusmao should resign and submit to justice, he said.

"Nobody in this country is untouchable," Alkatiri said. He said a task force set up to investigate the 2006 crisis was a sham and would never return an adverse finding against Gusmao.

President Jose Ramos-Horta should also be pushing for Gusmao's resignation, Alkatiri said.

"Ramos-Horta, as foreign minister, was very supportive of Xanana to force me to resign. Now he is president of the republic and he has to do the same."

Local media last week reported that Gusmao was refusing to respond to Reinado's claims, saying he did not want to engage in a "war of words". (TP)

Alfredo: Ramos-Horta should explain to the people Former Commander of the Military Police Alfredo Reinado asked PR Ramos-Horta to disseminate information about their informal dialogue in Maubisse on Sunday (13/1) to people.

Reinado said that he could not release any details of the meeting because it was agreed that only PR Ramos-Horta should do so.

Mr. Benevides Barros, Alfredo's lawyer, said that he will not comment until PR Ramos-Horta makes his statement about the meeting. (TP)

UN asks Alfredo to submit himself to justice The Special Representative of Secretary-General (SRSG) for Timor-Leste, Atul Khare, said that the UN asks Alfredo to submit himself to justice.

SRSG Atul Khare said that the position of UN on Alfredo's case is that he should face justice, and so the UN supports all the efforts of the government to solve the problem.

"I give my support to the task force and their efforts to bring Alfredo to submit himself to justice. Our (UN) position is clear - everyone should submit themselves to justice, including Alfredo Reinado," said SRSG Atul Khare on Friday (11/1) in the United Nations Integrated Mission in Timor-Leste (UNMIT) Headquarters at Caicoli, Dili. (DN)

UN Concerned about 4000 pending cases in the court The Special Representative of the Secretary-General (SRSG) for Timor-Leste, Atul Khare, said that the UN Mission in Timor-Leste is concerned by the fact that there are more than 4000 pending cases in courts across the country.

SRSG Khare said that the cases should be effectively reviewed in a short time to convince people that the justice system works and is acting in their best interests.

SRSG Khare also said that the UN Mission in Timor-Leste is committed to continue working in Timor-Leste based on the provisions of its mandate. (DN)

Alfredo accuses Xanana. Alkatiri: "Xanana should face trial" "I never found out whether Xanana was behind or in front of the crisis. I always used to say that there was a great conspiracy. Now they are not getting along, and Alfredo expresses all the truth.

No one should believe that in this country some may face trial while others don't. I submitted myself to justice because of a false accusation from Railos. Now Xanana should be encouraged to do the same thing in light of Alfredo's accusation, you can never say that it is irrelevant," said Mari Alkatiri, the Secretary General of Fretilin on Saturday (12/1) in Comoro Airport, Dili. (DN)

NATIONAL NEWS SOURCES: Timor Post (TP) Radio Timor-Leste (RTL) Suara Timor Lorosae (STL) Diario Tempo (DT) Diario Nacional (DN) Semanário Nacional (SN) Televizaun Timor-Leste (TVTL) Tempo Semanal (TS)


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