Subject: Floods, locusts add to East Timor's woes

ABC News

Floods, locusts add to East Timor's woes

By Anne Barker

Posted 5 hours 43 minutes ago

Recent monsoonal rains and wind have caused serious damage to homes, buildings and crops across East Timor.

There are fears the damage could threaten food supplies in the already vulnerable nation.

Relief authorities in East Timor say wet season rains have caused serious damage in 11 of the country's 13 districts.

Heavy winds have damaged homes and buildings, crops and houses have been flooded, and there has been damage from rock falls and landslides.

At the same time, plagues of locusts have destroyed crops in East Timor's west, and localised conflict in three districts has added to the country's troubles.

A national disaster operations centre has been set up to coordinate the relief effort.

Among the biggest fears is the threat to food security and locust control has been named as an emergency priority.

There are also fears that more monsoonal storms forecast in the next few weeks will worsen the situation.

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