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Monday, 17 March 2008


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Mino Paixao: Salsinha and his men have escaped: The Apprehension Operation, under the command of Major Neves, Major Ular, and Major Koliati, surrounded the place where Salsinha and his men were hiding. The cordon was approximately 70 metres in diameter and set up in order to force them to surrender. However, Salsinha and his men managed to escape.

"Major Neves and his members were urging them to surrender. But Salsinha and his men escaped- there was no contact fire from either of the parties," said General Commander Paixao on Saturday (15/3) in Memorial Hall, Dili. (TP)

Salsina's wife asks Govt to stop the Operation: The wife of Gastao Salsinha, Joaquina Salsinha, has asked the Government to stop the Apprehension Operation hunting her husband. "It's not necessary to hunt him [Salshina] if there is a willingness to solve the problem. It is better to keep a cool head in trying to resolve this problem together as his case affects the whole nation," she said on Friday (14/2) at her residence in Gleno, Ermera.

She has also questioned why the Government is not using peaceful measures to encourage him to surrender, rather than using weapons and force. Joaquin believes that her husband will not surrender if the Apprehension Operation continues for a long time. This is why she is insisting that the Apprehension Operation must be stopped. Joaquina has also noted that her husband's case is mostly utilized by the leaders for their own political ends.

"We have had no contact for the last two months. He has not returned home until now. I am not sure whether he is dead or still alive," she added. (STL)

Inasio Maia surrenders himself: One of Gastao Salshina's members, Inasio Maia, has surrendered himself to the police in Hatolia sub-district after he directly contacted the former Commander of Regional IV, Ernesto Fernandes known as 'Dudu,' on Sunday (16/3), in Ermera district.

"He told me directly that he was willing to surrender himself. Therefore, I immediately passed this on to the police in Ermera to pick him up," said Dudu.

Dudu also explained that Inasio decided to surrender after the Apprehension Operation forces attempted to capture him. Together with other members, he has broken away from the leadership of Gastao Salsinha. (STL)

Koliati says military methods will be used against Salsinha and his men: The Apprehension Operation will use military tactics to force Salsinha and his men to surrender.

"If Salsinha and his group are not going to respond to our repeated appeals, we will use military methods to bring them to justice," said Lieutenant Koliati on Friday (14/3/) in Letefoho, Ermera. (STL)

UN supports Timorese People to steer towards justice: The Special Representative of the Secretary-General in Timor-Leste, Atul Khare, said that United Nation will continue to support the Timorese people to steer their own paths towards justice.

Mr Khare's statements were made during a ceremony where ten probationary judges, prosecutors and public defenders were sworn-in by Chief Justice Claudio Ximenes at Dili's Court of Appeals.

"I also congratulate the authorities of the Justice Ministry and Legal Training Centre who have made an effort to steer its justice system," said the SRSG. (TP)

IDPs living in Farol receive sex education: To prevent Timorese people from contracting the HIV/AIDS virus, the director of Hametin Timor Foun NGO, Miguel Pinto, said that the objective of the workshop was to share the information with the IDPs on how to prevent catching sexually transmitted diseases. (TP)

Lasama: PR Horta wants to return to East Timor : The Acting PR, Fernando de Araujo 'Lasama', said Ramos-Horta wants to return to East Timor at the end of March because he wants to continue his life with the Timorese people under any circumstances. (DN)

Xanana says people expect justice to be impartial: Prime Minister, Xanana Gusmao, said that people expect that justice should be impartial. He made the statement after ten probationary judges, prosecutors and public defenders have been sworn-in by the Chief Justice Claudio Ximenes.

"I would like to thank all our friends who been cooperating in this project, to ensure the success of the course," said the Prime Minister. (DN)

Chief of Bidau Masau appeals for IDPs to return to home: The Chief of Bidau Masau Village, Fransisco de Asis, has appealed to his people living in IDP camps to return home, and has assured them that there will not be any problems for them to return home. "I will guarantee their lives if they want to return home," he said. (STL)

Dinisio Babo asks the Government to implement the Commission of Inquiry: The Secretary-General of the CNRT party, Dinisio Babo Soares, has asked the Government to set up a Commission of Inquiry as quickly as possible as it has been approved by the parliament. "The government should establish a Commission of Inquiry to investigate the current situation and the attacks on February 11th," he said. (STL)

National News Sources: Televizaun Timor-Leste (TVTL) Radio Timor-Leste (RTL) Timor Post (TP) Suara Timor Lorosae (STL) Diario Nacional (DN)


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