Subject: Daily Media Review 18 March 2008

Tuesday, 18 March 2008


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National Media Reports TVTL News Coverage

Horta Congratulates Portuguese FPU: President José Ramos-Horta has congratulated the Portuguese Formed Police Unit (FPU) for saving his life on February 11. PR Horta gave his congratulations during the visit of GNR Captain João Martinho. The President was also visited by the Bishop of Darwin Diocese.

PGR has identified President's shooter: The General Prosecutor of the Republic, Longuinhos Monteiro, said that the Public Ministry has identified the shooter of PR Ramos-Horta. "We have identified the person who shot the President, but we cannot give out his name as the ballistic exam has not yet finished," said PGR Monteiro. PGR Monteiro also said that it has been confirmed that the man who shot PR Horta was indeed a member of Alfredo Reinado's group.

PGR loses contact with Salsinha: PGR Monteiro said that he has lost contact with Salsinha as the telephone networks have been down. "Until now, I have only been able to receive text messages from Salsinha. He has tried to contact me, but has been unable to as he has been surrounded [by the Joint Operation] and has had no network coverage," said PGR Monteiro.

RTL News Coverage Petitioners respond to questionnaires: Most of the petitioners have filled in the questionnaires provided by the Government on the first day. Ten petitioners were not satisfied with some of the questions and have consequently left Aitarak Laran. F-FDTL member Captain Caesar Valente de Jesus confirmed that most of the registered 672 petitioners had filled in the questionnaires, even though some were dubious over the questions. "The petitioners are filling the questionnaires in groups, asking facilitators for assistance or consulting with each other," said Captain de Jesus. Captain de Jesus also revealed that the content of the first questionnaire related to the reasons why the petitioners had left the army. (RTL)

Print Coverage UN Peacekeeping Operation Team Visits Timor-Leste: DILI – A team off experts from the United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO) arrived in Timor –Leste today for an eleven – day visit to conduct an assessment on keyy areas of support provided by UNMIT to Timor-Leste. The assessment mission was planned while UNTAET Nations was reviewing the mandate of UNMIT. It is a part of overall support provided by the UN for the security sector in Timor-Leste. The team, led by UN police advisor Mr. Andrew Hughes, include representative from DPKO, the United Nation Development Fund, and the International Centre for Transitional Justice, UNMIT and the PNTL. The team will examine the progress of the development of the PNTL in light of their work with the UN police since 2006 and provided support to the overall reform of the PNTL. The team will consult with political leaders, government of facials, and key member of civil society including both national and international organizations. (TP)

UNMIT preoccupied with 470 pending cases: The Special Representative of the Secretary General (SRSG) for Timor-Leste, Atul Khare, said that UNMIT is preoccupied with 470 pending court cases. "I recognize that in the short time, we, the international community need to do a lot to support the development of the judicial system. In the next few months, along with the Timorese authorities, we will finalize an assessment to see the needs of the judicial system," said Mr. Khare.

"I congratulate donors such as Australia, Brazil, Ireland, Norway, Portugal, Switzerland, USA and the European Commission for Human Rights for their contribution to Timor-Leste in the justice sector," concluded SRSG Khare. (DN)

Bishop Basilio demands resolution to Salsinha's case: The Bishop of Baucau Diocese, Basilio Nascimento, has asked the State to take steps to resolve once and for all the issue of Salsinha. The Bishop warned that if this issue was not resolved, it would prevent Timor-Leste from moving forward. "There are two ways Salsinha can be submitted: either through negotiation or through military force if he refuses to surrender," said Bishop Nascimento. The Bishop also said that the state should make a decision on Salsinha and get on with the business of running the country while the military does its job. (DN)

Possible inquiry into Hercules' links to February 11: Timor-Leste authorities have said that the February 11 investigations should be widened to include the former Jakarta gangster, Hercules Rosario Març al, who has been closely linked with Indonesian Army Generals during Suharto's era. Hercules has also been accused by the UN of being involved in the violence unleashed on Timor-Leste following the Popular Consultation in 1999. Hercules visited Dili with the Indonesian Investors Club before the assassination attempts against President José Ramos-Horta and Prime Minister Xanana Gusmão on February 11. During another visit on 21 January 2008, he met with PM Xanana Gusmão and other senior national officers. He also said during this visit that he was looking for possibilities to invest in Timor-Leste. (TP)

Joint Operation detects Salsinha: The F-FDTL/PNTL Joint Operation Command has detected the new hide-out of Salsinha and his group. An F-FDTL commander in Letefoho, Ermera confirmed yesterday that he knew of Salsinha's whereabouts. "We are a bit far from their hide-out, but we did see them with their civil uniforms and weapons." said the commander. (TP)

Fretilin demands PGR to name who is behind Salsinha's refusal to surrender: Fretilin is demanding that the General Prosecutor announce publicly the person/s who are apparently impeding the surrender of Gastao Salsinha. The Vice Chief of Fretilin in the National Parliament, Francisco Branco, has called on both the General Prosecutor and the Acting President of the Republic, Fernando Lasama, to reveal the names and apprehend the individuals involved. "It is in the national interest to reveal and capture the persons who want to prevent Salsinha and his men from surrendering. This will clear up speculations surrounding this issue," added Mr. Branco. (STL)

National News Sources: Televizaun Timor-Leste (TVTL) Radio Timor-Leste (RTL) Timor Post (TP) Suara Timor Lorosae (STL) Diario Nacional (DN)


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