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Thursday, 28 March 2008


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Lasama asks PNTL to be impartial: The Acting PR, Fernando de Araujo Lasama has asked the PNTL to be impartial in order to better serve the people. "It is very important for the PNTL to maintain law and order as the number one priority. It is now time to learn, and one day the time will be to serve," said Mr Lasama.

The Acting President also said that the PNTL institution does not belong to one person, or to one group, but is there for all people, and that this institution should provide protection for all.

"I would like to thank the PNTL and F-FDTL, which are led by both Acting Commander of the PNTL Afonso de Jesus and Brigadier-General Taur Matan Ruak. During the Apprehension Operation, you have shown your dedication and sense of responsibility," he said.

RTL News Coverage

PM asks PNTL to strengthen national unity: "Strengthening the spirit and professionalism within the PNTL institution will help maintain unity," said Prime Minister Gusmao.

"There is still a long way to go, but I believe that through the PNTL's improvement programs, the officers will make an effort to improve their service to the nation," said the PM. "The Government also believes that the PNTL will continue to work together with UNPOL to professionalism."

The PM also said that the Government would always ask for the presence of UNPOL here in Timor Leste. The PM further stated his happiness with the way the F-FDTL and PNTL have worked together recently despite the problems they have faced in the past.

Print Coverage

President Jose Ramos Horta blames woman for influencing Alfredo: President Jose Ramos Horta has said that a woman with the initials AP had influenced Alfredo Reinado to commit the assassination attempt against him. The President strongly believes Alfredo was the target of great manipulation and influence. During an interview with the Australian newspaper, The Age, the President explained how he was wounded by one of Alfredo's men. "I could see the face of Alfredo's man who shot me. I was shot twice in my back. I would have died immediately if I had been shot in my chest," said Horta.

Horta who is now under medical treatment in Darwin Hospital and says that he wants answers to many questions, including why the international security forces, led by the ISF, did not immediately hunt the rebels down and why the United Nations did not immediately provide assistance to him. (TP)

Ximenes unaware of letter requesting Rogerio's return: The President of the Court of Appeals, Claudio Ximenes, has said that he was unaware of a letter sent by the Ministry of Justice to the Court to get an authorization order to send Rogerio Lobato back to Timor-Leste from Malaysia. "I don't know anything regarding this letter from the Ministry of Justice and I have no understanding of it. It would be better to ask Rogerio's lawyer," said Mr Ximenes. (STL)

Eight Anniversary of PNTL: The National Police of Timor-Leste this Thursday (27/03) celebrated its eighth-year anniversary. Within these 8 years, the institution has both walked through and on thorns. "We celebrate your anniversary day in a time of many difficulties, I would like to congratulate the PNTL," said The Acting PR, Fernando de Araujo 'Lasama'. (STL)

Timor-Leste is not a failed nation: The Acting President of Republic, Fernando de Araujo 'Lasama', has claimed that last years crisis is not an indication that Timor-Leste is a failed nation. "From the Government side, we are conducting a study on security reform. Timor-Leste is not a failed state," said Mr Lasama during his speech at the PNTL anniversary. (STL)

13 donors ready to support Timor-Leste development: Thirteen countries who participated in the Timor-Leste Development Partnership Meeting have declared their commitment to support Timor-Leste's development. "The aim of the meeting was for the Timor-Leste government to present its programme to donor countries," said the Minister for Economy and Finance, Ms. Emilia Pires. (DN)

Gusmao: PNTL should improve itself: Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao has said that the PNTL should accept criticism in order for it to improve and to gain public confidence. "Maintain the spirit and professionalism in your corps and unit present here. You still have a long journey ahead of you to trust and make changes inside the PNTL," said the Prime Minister. (DN)

ISF regrets MPs comments: ISF Commander James Baker regrets the comments made by one MP that the ISF failed to take immediate action to arrest the suspects involved in 11 February attack and that the ISF prevented the medical team from assisting the President. "These comments are not based in fact whatsoever. At that time, the ISF provided assistance after the President was injured and brought the President to the ISF clinic at the Heliport for further treatment," said the Commander. (DN)

National News Sources: Televizaun Timor-Leste (TVTL) Radio Timor-Leste (RTL) Timor Post (TP) Suara Timor Lorosae (STL) Diario Nacional (DN)

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