Subject: Daily Media Review 04 April 2008

Friday, 04 April 2008


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Benefides to hand over Alfredo's secret documents: Alfredo's Defence Attorney, Benevides Correia Barros, will soon release Alfredo's secret documents to the State. These documents were provided by Alfredo's lawyer, Angelita Pires, in December 2007. Mr Barros did not clearly explain to the journalists what the documents contained, but he did reveal that there would be information about the February 11 attacks. (TP)

Pires had completely removed herself from Alfredo's case in December 2007: "I had completely removed myself as a lawyer for Alfredo in December 2007. This is why I handed over the documents to Benevides Correia Barros who was his lawyer," said Pires. (TP)

Fretilin MP says all documents related to Alfredo should be given to PGR: Fretilin MP Arsenio Bano has said that any documents related to Alfredo's case should be handed to the Prosecutor-General. "If some of the documents have been kept by Alfredo's lawyer, the Prosecutor-General should have them to use as part of the investigation process." said Mr Bano. (TP)

TMR says no response from ISF on 11 February: Brigadier General Taur Matan Ruak has said that on February 11, the F-FDTL had asked for security assistance from the ISF but received no response. Because of this, the F-FDTL had to send its patrol boat to the Aria Branka beach near Ramos-Horta's residence. TMR made these comments at a meeting with Timorese Ambassadors on Wednesday (03/04) at the Foreign Affairs Ministry.

"There were no helicopters, no vehicles or movement from the ISF in response to the February 11 attacks, same as what they usually do for the IDPs," said the TMR.

TMR did acknowledge that it was only the Portuguese Formed Police Units that gave timely assistance to the President. "At that time, we could not do much because the ISF had done nothing- there was no movement from the ISF. Only the Portuguese FPU were mobilised," he said. (TP)

Hens Klemm asks Salsinha to surrender: American Ambassador to Timor-Leste, Hens Klemm, said that Salsinha and his men have to surrender in order to appear as witnesses for the February 11 attacks. (STL)

Government classifies Petitioners: During this month, the Government has classified petitioners into groups of those who want to rejoin the military and those who want to return to civilian life. (STL)

Government forbids people to be armed: The Council of Ministers have approved a proposal set forth by the Government to forbid civilians from using any type of weaponry including guns, machetes, swords, arrows and sling shots. This has been approved under the proposed law created on Thursday (4/04) at the National parliament.

People ask the Government to prolong 'State of Siege': During a dialogue carried out by the Apprehension Operation, people have asked that the State of Siege be prolonged in order to ensure the stability in the country.

Military Police Commander asks people to remain calm: The Military Police Commander, Abel da Costa, asked the people of Timor-Leste to remain calm and not to create problems if they don't want to be imprisoned. "Whoever creates problems will be taken to the free hotel [prison] in Becora. Therefore I beseech people not to create problems," said Mr da Costa. (STL)

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