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Tuesday, 08 April 2008


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National Media Reports TVTL News Coverage

Alkatiri: Do not kill Salsinha or anybody else: Fretilin's Secretary-General Mari Alkatiri has asked the Apprehension Operation to not kill Gestao Salsinha or his men and to not take advantage of the State of Siege to kill anybody else. (TVTL)

US Secretary of State meets Vice PM: The US Secretary of State for East Asia and the Pacific, Mr. Christopher R. Hill, met with Vice Prime Minister Jose Luis Guterres. Both of them discussed unresolved issues such as security and IDPs in Timor-Leste. "During the meeting, we discussed the situation in the country and how the Government will be able to resolve the problems in the country. It all depends on the Government," said Mr Hill. (TVTL)

RTL News Coverage

No RTL news coverage.

Print Coverage Joint Operation threatens to shoot MP: The Joint Operation Command force assigned in Bobonaro district, sub district Atabae, threatened to shoot an MP along with some judges on the way back to Dili at around 8pm yesterday evening. "Though we still had time to return to Dili, the forces did not allow us to continue our trip," said MP Fernando Gusmao. (STL)

The group had been stopped by the Joint Operation after having attended a funeral ceremony in Bobonaro. They were on their way back to Dili when the Joint Operation Command forces stopped them and prevented them from continuing their trip as it was already 8 pm. The Joint Operation Command force threatened to shoot them if they continued their journey. (STL)

Joint Operation will collect all illegal guns: The Joint Operation Command up till now has collected 8 guns from the rebels. The Joint Operation forces will not tolerate any group who wants to destroy the nation. (STL)

Don't discriminate against veterans: An MP has asked the government to not discriminate against veterans, particularly those who have served under five years. "This is discrimination, because they have also sacrificed their whole lives," said Mr. Adriano Nascimento from PD. (STL)

Horta grateful to soldier who shot Alfredo: President Jose Ramos Horta has said that he really appreciated the actions of the F-FDTL soldier who killed Alfredo Reinado Alves at his house on 11 February 2008. "The soldier who shot Alfredo was doing his duty," said Mr. Horta. (TP)

Petitioners wait for a just decision: Petitioners in Aitarak Laran are waiting for a just decision from the Government. "The Government has the competency to resolve the petitioners' problems. The Government must make a balanced decision that will be accepted and satisfy all," said the Coordinator of the petitioners, Mr. Tara. (TP)

Lasama: No Pardon for Salsinha: State tolerance towards the rebel group led by Gastao Salsinha has ended. The Government announced that from this Wednesday, there would be no chances to pardon them. Acting President Lasama said that the rebels would be ambushed and arrested. "We have decided. The State tolerated him [Salsinha] for almost two months. Nevertheless, the Operation's orders are to capture Salsinha alive- the state does not want him dead," said Mr. Lasama. (TP and DN)

IDPs at National Hospital should be moved by next week: The Minister of Social Solidarity, Maria Domingas Fernandes Alves, said that the IDPs who are currently living in the National Hospital compound should be moved as the rehabilitation of the transitional houses in Becora has finished.

The Minister said that for health and security reasons, the IDPs have to move. She also said that the IDPs were impeding the rehabilitation of the National Hospital. (DN)

Police have set up 12 posts in Dili: The Commander of the Intervention Rapid Unit, Armando Monteiro, confirmed that the police have set up 12 posts in Dili to ensure the IDPs return home. "Up till now, the Intervention Rapid Unit is playing a role to ensure the implementation of the State of Siege and also to ensure the IDPs return home," said Mr Monteiro. (DN)

National News Sources: Televizaun Timor-Leste (TVTL) Radio Timor-Leste (RTL) Timor Post (TP) Suara Timor Lorosae (STL) Diario Nacional (DN)


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