Subject: Daily Media Review - 14 April 2008


(Extracts from national media and international news reports - UNMIT does not vouch for the accuracy of these reports.)

PM Xanana opens workshop on promoting a culture of democracy – Televisão Timor-Leste

Prime Minister Xanana Gusmão opened a workshop on promoting a culture of democratic governance on Friday (11/4) at the Headquarters of the United Nations Integrated Mission in Timor-Leste (UNMIT) in Obrigado Barracks-Caicoli, Dili.

In his speech, PM Xanana explained that the workshop was a first important step in the dialogue to understand the critical areas which could be working together to strengthen democratic governance in Timor-Leste.

"The dialogue is held between the representatives of the State and civil societies, between State institutions, NGOs, political parties, social communication organs, private sector UN agencies and other development institutions.

They are the first and last beneficiaries of the results of the workshop. … We need to do something to promote the culture of democratic governance," PM Xanana said.

The central issues addressed at the workshop included ensuring a separation of power between the different branches of government; developing an independent judiciary; and incorporating respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms into the formation and growth of state institutions.

The workshop commenced with a plenary discussion led by the Prime Minister and followed by Interim President Fernando do Araujo, President of the Court of Appeal Claudio Ximenes and the Special Representative of the Secretary-General (SRSG) for Timor-Leste, Atul Khare.

The workshop, hosted by the Government of Timor-Leste and the United Nations, involved more than 200 participants. (TVTL)

President Horta to return on Thursday РRadio Timor-Leeste President Jos̩ Ramos-Horta will return home to Dili and resume his presidential duties on Thursday, two months after having medical treatment in Darwin, Australia.

Ramos-Horta was shot in the attempt assassination on February 11th in his residence in Metiaut, Dili. President Horta will address the nation on his return on Thursday 17 April at the airport in Comoro, Dili. (RTL)

Government to buy warships – Suara Timor Lorosae The State Secretary for Defence, Julio Thomas Pinto, said the Government has decided to buy warships for the F-FDTL Navy to control illegal fishing activities in the coastal area of Timor-Leste.

"The Government through the department of Defence has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with a Chinese company, Poly Technology, to start ship construction for F-FDTL," said Mr. Pinto after signing the MOU on Saturday (12/4) in the Government Palace, Dili.

Mr. Pinto also said that the construction will be started next month and will finish in the following year.

"Once the MOU is implemented, 30 F-FDTL members will receive training from Chinese shipping companies in China," added Mr. Pinto. (STL)

Lasama: Ramos-Horta as a mother hen РSuara Timor Lorosae In responding to the public controversy over whether President Jos̩ Ramos-Horta will resign, Acting President Fernando Lasama de Araujo said that Mr. Ramos-Horta will not quit his position as President of the country as people still need him to lead the country.

"Horta as a mother hen will not leave her chicks," said Acting PR Lasama at the opening ceremony of a joint workshop on Friday (11/4) at UNMIT's Headquarters in Obrigado Barracks-Caicoli, Dili.

Acting PR Lasama also said that for his part in the National Parliament as a representative of the people, he would continue to support Mr. Ramos-Horta in leading the country. (STL)

Klemm: The 'State of Siege and State of Emergency' are the right ways to solve the problems – Diario Nacional The American Ambassador to Timor-Leste, Hans Klemm, said that the Government of Timor-Leste has shown a great patience during the implementation of the 'State of Siege' and 'State of Emergency'.

"I hope that through the 'State of Siege' and 'State of Emergency', Salsinha and his men will surrender themselves peacefully to justice so that their problems will be sorted out as quickly as possible," Ambassador Klemm said.

Government will buy two Warships for the F-FDTL – Diario Nacional < The Timor-Leste government has signed an agreement with the Chinese's Poly Technique Company to produce two warships for East Timor's Defense Force (F-FDTL). The Government recently allocated $28 million to buy the two ships. The warships will be used to control the marine resources.

Minister Zacarias: security for President Ramos-Horta is very important – Diario Nacional The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Zacarias Albano da Costa, said that the good security for President Ramos-Horta in order to avoid a repetition of the attacks on 11 February. The President will arrive in Dili on 17 April and there is an appeal to all the people to welcome him at the Airport on that day. (DN)

Deadline for Rogerio Lobato to resume his sentence – Timor Post In Dili Court Judge Ivo Rosa has set a 10 day as deadline for former Interior Minister Rogerio Lobato to resume his sentence. "I would like to ask the Timorese Ambassador in Malaysia to determine whether he has recovered sufficiently to resume his sentence in Timor-Leste", Judge Rosa said.

Difficult terrain is main challenge facing the Apprehension Operation forces in the hunt for rebels – Timor Post Difficult terrain in Timor-Leste is the main challenge facing the Apprehension Operation forces as they hunt down Salsinha and his men. Road conditions are making it difficult for the Apprehension Operation forces to continue their search for the rebels. (TP)

Alkatiri presents three lawsuits to the Prosecutor-General – Timor Post Former Prime Minister, Mari Alkatiri, has presented three lawsuits to the Prosecutor General for processing. The legal actions stem from public accusations that he was involved in providing financial support to Alfredo Reinado to attack President Ramos-Horta and Prime Minister Xanana Gusmão on 11 February 11.

"I am here in court today to file these lawsuits against the people who defamed and accused me because I am out of patience now", said Alkatiri. (TP)


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