Subject: UNMIT Daily Media Review - 16 April 2008


(Extracts from national media and international news reports - UNMIT does not vouch for the accuracy of these reports.)

JOC: Salsinha to surrender on April 27 – Timor Post<

Rebel leader Gastão Salsinha has told the Joint Operation Command that he will submit himself to justice on April 27.

"He [Salsinha] said via telephone that he will submit himself in April 27," said the Commander of Joint Operation Lieutenant Colonel Filomeno Paixão at a press conference held in Memorial Hall on Tuesday (15/4).

Commander Paixão said that he has asked Salsinha to surrender voluntarily in order to contribute to solving the country's problems.

After the attempted assassination on February 11, Salsinha said that he would surrender himself upon the return of President José Ramos-Horta from Darwin, Australia, to Timor-Leste.

Lasama invites the public to welcome President РTimorr Post Acting President Fernando 'Lasama' de Araujo is inviting all the people of Timor-Leste to stand along the road to welcome PR Jos̩ Ramos-Horta on his return from Darwin, Australia.

After being wounded by gunshots on February 11, PR Ramos-Horta was evacuated to Darwin, Australia for medical treatment.

"I am asking all people not to come to the airport, but to stand along the road from the airport to the National Parliament from 8:30 to 9:00," said Acting President Lasama at a press conference held on Tuesday (15/4) at the Comoro Airport, Dili.

Salsinha still has 14 rifles – Suara Timor Lorosa'e The Commander of Joint Operation Lieutenant Colonel Filomeno Paixão said that even though the rebels' strength is down to [16 persons], they still have 14 rifles to defend themselves if there is a shoot out between them and the Apprehension Operation.

Up until now, Salsinha and his group have still not surrendered to authorities. The Joint Operation continues to give them an opportunity to collaborate and avoid bloodshed by voluntarily facing justice in order to resolve the problem.

NP: No amnesty for Salsinha РSuara Tiimor Lorosa'e Member of the National Parliament support the statement of President Jos̩ Ramos-Horta not to give amnesty to Salsinha and others who were involved in the incidents of 11 February.

The Vice President of the Fretilin bench, Francisco Miranda Branco said that amnesty should be viewed from two dimensions, before and after the attempt.

"The situation was different when PR Horta talked to them in January. When February 11th happened, the equation changed," he said on Tuesday (15/4) in the National Parliament, Dili.

Mr Branco said the State should take a firm position on the situation and not toy with a serious attempt to destroy the State.

During the same session of Parliament, the MP from the Democratic Party, Vital dos Santos said that amnesty is given after justice. There is no law to authorize the President or other sovereignty organs to give amnesty without judicial process.

Abel: Salsinha's efforts will not succeed – Suara Timor Lorosa'e The Commander of the Military Police Abel Ximenes said that further efforts by rebels under Salsinha's command will not meet with success, as the Government has no tolerance for their actions.

"If the rebels' struggle meets success, then chicken will have teeth," he said. "They will be hunted by the Joint Operation Command.

"In this world, if a bicycle collides with a car, it is impossible that the car will be damaged; a bicycle will be damaged if collides with a car. This means that certain people who stand against the Government will become losers," said Commander Ximenes on Tuesday (15/4) in Camea-Becora, Dili.

At the same occasion Commander Ximenes appealed anyone holding weapons to turn them over to the Joint Operation to avoid door-to-door checking.

PM Xanana: security improved during State of Siege – Radio Timmor-Leste PM Xanana Gusmão said the security situation in the country improved and values enshrined in the constitution were maintained during the State of Siege (from 23 February- 23 March) .

PM Xanana said that the one-month extension of the State of Siege demonstrated the operation model of F-FDTL and PNTL as well as their good coordination during the joint operation.

Prime Minister: 20 human rights violations against Apprehension Operation reported during the 'State of Siege' – Diario Nacional

Prime Minister Xanana Gusmão has confirmed that from 23 February until 23 March, 20 cases of human rights violations were filed against the Apprehension Operation forces during the implementation of the State of Siege. Gusmão made the statement to MPs during a presentation at the National Parliament on Tuesday (15/04).

Of these cases, 11 were reported by the UN and nine others from the community. Gusmão added that there is a need identify the individuals who have committed these violations. Their names should be identified, as well as when and where the incident took place, in order to assist with investigations.

Paixão: People in Liquiça hand over weapons to the Joint Operation Command – Diario Nacional The Commander of the F-FDTL/PNTL Joint Operation, Lieutenant Colonel Filomeno Paixão said that people in Liquica voluntarily handed over three grenades, 11 traditional weapons (rakitan), and 429 pieces of ammunition to the Joint Operation Command in Liquiça district.

Paixão has appealed to all the people, including those working with NGOs and agencies who will be visiting the area around the operation, to contact the Joint Operation Command in Dili before departing in order to avoid areas where military operations are taking place.

"We will inform our forces in the field to watch out for people who will visit places nearby the Apprehension Operation areas, " said Lieutenant Colonel Filomeno Paixão.


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