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29 April 2008

Lasama: The State of Siege is nearly over in Ermera district – Timor Post

President of National Parliament Fernando de Araujo Lasama said that the State of Siege has almost finished as Salsinha and his men are willing to surrender and able to collaborate with the justice system. The Apprehension Operation will continue to search for weapons.

"I went to Ermera and met Salsinha on Saturday (26/4). He said that he was ready to surrender and collaborate with justice,"said the President of the National Parliament, Fernando de Araujo Lasama on Monday (28/4) at National Parliament. "As a Timorese I am very proud of the decision that Salsinha made because he has learnt and become aware of how to solve the problems,“ he added.

Regarding the State of Siege in Ermera, the President of National Parliament said that the Apprehension Operation will be stopped once they are certain that Salsinha and all of his men have surrendered and there no weapons still at large.

Minister: PR Ramos Horta wants to be involved in dialogues in the community – Timor Post

The Minister of Solidarity and Social has confirmed that President Ramos Horta wants to be personally involved in the community dialogues on the reintegration of IDPs to take place within the communities living in the Bairos.

"The President wants to involve himself in the dialogue that have been carried out by MSS within the communities, especially those people living in the areas such as Vilaverde and Tuanalaran in Dili who do not want the IDPs to return home," said the Minister of Solidarity Social Domingas Fernandes Alves on Monday (28/4) at the new President’s Office in Farol, Dili.

She added that the President was also concerned about the living conditions of the IDPs in the Jardim and Sional camps Dili and said he will learn on how to solve their problems. Minister Alves said that all IDPs in the country want to reintegrate into their communities, however the Ministry itself has been facing a difficulty in the re-verification process as there are only eight 8 teams comprising 50 people who are paid by the UNDP who carry out the work for the Ministry.

IDPs in the National Hospital IDP camp ready to return home – Timor Post

The IDPs in the National Hospital IDP camp say that they are ready to return home. However, the decision from the Government side is taking more time.

"As citizens, we would like to go home in order to participate in a development for our nation and not continue living under the tents just doing nothing. Therefore, we need to go home if Government can solve our problem immediately," said one of IDPs on Monday (28/4) at National Hospital camp.

A Timor Post journalist observed that some of the IDPs have packed their belongings and are waiting a decision from the Government.

PGR: Salsinha and his men will surrender today – Diaario Nasional

Prosecutor-General Longuinhos Monteiro said that Salsinha and 13 of his men are going to hand themselves to the State on Sunday (29/4)

Gastão Salsinha and his men are under heavy guard at a house in the country's mountainous interior and will be escorted by truck to the capital Dili on Tuesday to formally surrender to the State," said PGR Monteiro on Monday (28/4) at the Office of Prosecutor-General.

Meanwhile the PGR added that the investigation into February 11 attacks has resulted in a total of 24 people being accused of involvement in the assassination attempts against the nation's top two leaders. The investigation will continue.

Prime Minister and his delegation make official visit to Indonesia – Diario Nasional>

Prime Minister Xanana Gusmão, his wife Kirsty Sword and other members of the delegation visit Jakarta, Indonesia. Today Tuesday (29/4), the Prime Minister and Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono signed four agreements at the Presidential Palace in Jakarta. The agreements establish undisclosed programmes between the two countries.

Prime Minister Gusmão and his delegation were welcomed by Indonesian Foreign Affairs Minister Hasan Wirayusda together with Timorese Ambassador to Indonesia Ovidio de Jesus Amaral at Jakarta airport on Monday (28/4).

Maria Paixão: State needs to be responsible for stopping human trafficking – Diario Nasional

PSD MP Maria Paixão said the responsibility for stopping human trafficking in the country of Timor-Leste, is in the hands of the State.

"It is crucial to stop human trafficking in Timor-Leste. Therefore, all parties including the Government, Parliament and all others to work together in order to stop human trafficking activities facing this nation," said PSD MP Maria Paixão at National Parliament.

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