Subject: Local family headed to East Timor

Local family headed to East Timor

Posted: Thursday, Jan 15th, 2009


For Watsonville residents Pamela Sexton and husband Curt Gabrielson, a long journey to another country has become second nature.

Consummate world travelers, the couple have both taught English in different countries ­ Gabrielson in China and Sexton in Indonesia.

In 2000, they spent more than two years in East Timor, a tiny island nation in Southeast Asia, where they taught English and science and helped with various aspects of the country’s growing independence and reconstruction.

“I was learning more than I was teaching,” said Sexton, 40.

The couple will now return to East Timor, but this time they’ll take their children, 5-year-old Paulo and 3-year-old Zoraya. For them, the trip will be a first.

“It will be very exciting,” said Gabrielson, 38, who runs the Environmental Science Workshop in Watsonville. “We’re just hoping it will be a good (type of) exciting.”

The kids have done their share of traveling, but their ventures have been confined to car and airplane trips to visit relatives within the U.S. The 8,000-mile voyage to East Timor will take 48 hours and require jaunts on three separate planes.

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