Subject: Police Chief Denies SBY's Allegation Over Election Neutrality

The Jakarta Post (website)

Saturday, January 30, 2009

Police Chief Denies President's Allegation

The Jakarta Post

National Police Chief Gen. Bambang Hendarso Danuri denied on Friday an allegation made by the president that the police are not neutral in their position towards candidates running in the upcoming presidential election.

"There is no such a thing, it's not true. All policemen are neutral. Nobody has any agenda here," Bambang said.

Earlier on Thursday the president spoke in a coordinating meeting of military and police executives at the presidential palace, saying that he had heard rumors about movements within the two institutions to oppose the candidacy of a person with S as an initial.

Yudhoyono claimed certain police officers were openly asking crowds not to vote for certain presidential candidates.

"There have been at least 38 party executives who have told me what I just told you. I want you to be neutral and of course the Indonesian people would want its military and police to be neutral," Yudhoyono said as quoted by state news agency Antara. (and)


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