Subject: CPD-RDTL accuses PNTL of human rights violations

also <>RDTL Constitution does not ban dissident group

<> CPD-RDTL accuses PNTL of human rights violations

Suara Timor Lorosae March 10, 2010 language source: Tetun - CPD-RDTL leaders from Kovalima district have accused the Timorese National Police (PNTL) of human rights violations during their so-called joint operation against ninjas.

Anito da Costa, a leader of CPD-RDTL from Fatume sub-district of Kovalima told the parliament’s plenary session yesterday that he was tortured by PNTL officers and then was forced to admit that he was a Ninja.

“I told them that I don’t know about ninja and I am not a ninja myself however they beat me to confess that we from CPD-RDTL are involved in ninjas,” he said.

Meanwhile Orlando Cardoso, District Coordinator for CPD-RDTL, said that he was arbitrarily arrest and detained for two days during which he was beaten with gun butts on his chest.

“They forced me to make a statement about our involvement in ninja activities but I told them that I am not a ninja and I am not involved in any crime however they kept beating me for two days and then released,” said Cardoso.

Cardoso also denied the allegation of the PNTL that local CPD-RDTL members were involved in crime saying that they only raised and lowered the organisation’s flag and after that they go to their farms.

Another CPD-RDTL leader, Clemente de Araújo from Maukatar sub-District, said that he was also tortured and threatened to be shot during the investigation of the PNTL.

“They beat me with their gun’s butts and made me confess that I was involved in ninja activities and once I said ‘No’ they intensified their beatings,” he recalled.

MP Fernanda Borges of PUN said that the issue of ninja is highly politicised because it involves local political leaders.

She then told the victims to lodge the complaints with the office of human rights and justice ombudsman in order to have a probe into the issue.


<>RDTL Constitution does not ban dissident group

Borges: The constitution does not ban the existence of CPD-RDTL Diario Nacional, March 10, 2010 language source: Tetun - MP Fernanda Borges of the National Unity Party has said that she disagreed with the political moves by the Parliamentary Majority Alliance (AMP) party benches to create a law to the ban the existence of the CPD-RDTL organization.

Ms. Borges said that according to article 43 of the Constitution everyone has the equal right to form political associations as long as it is not established to promote violence, calling the AMP party benches to think carefully as the CPD-RDTL is not a criminal group.

Ms. Borges also called for the CPD-RDTL group members to hold dialog with the competent state organs like the National Parliament to see whether its existence is in line with the Constitutions.

Meanwhile, the Parliamentary Committee C for Economy and Finance President Manuel Tilman has said that it is too early to ban the existence of CPD-RDTL as there is also another illegal group like Fretilin Faction that also exists.

At the same time the Parliamentary President Fernando Lasama de Araujo has said that it is possible to ban illegal groups which had obviously breached the applicable laws of the country.

The country's Prosecutor General Ana Pessoa Pinto called a meeting with the Timorese Police Commander, Commissioner Police Longuinhos Monteiro to talk about the recent allegations made by local residents against the national police saying that the police officers had been involved in human rights violations during their joint operation against ninja gang in Bobonaro and Kovalima districts.

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