Subject: East Timor government excludes foreigners from land owning rights

East Timor government excludes foreigners from land owning rights

Dili, East Timor, 15 March ­ The government of East Timor has approved the proposals for the Land Law reserving full property rights to national citizens and excluding foreigners, the Council of Ministers said Friday in Dili.

The draft of the Special Regime for Definition of Ownership of Real Estate Assets (Land Law) approved by the Council of Ministers prevents foreign citizens from having full ownership, in line with the country’s Constitution, as well as those with collective rights.

In terms of individual foreigners, the proposed law outlines that real estate assets previously owned by foreigners will revert to the State, although the previous owners will still have teh right to use the land on payment of rent to the Timorese state.

In terms of companies, the government proposal only recognises the right to full ownership of “national collective entities, made up exclusively of national citizens.”

“Other collective entities may obtain the right to use or other rights over real estate assets,” but may not be the property owners. (macauhub)

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