Subject: Munir Update: Judicial Review Could Lead to Retrial of Intelligence Deputy

The Jakarta Post [web site]

April 16, 2010

Judicial review could lead to retrial of intelligence deputy in Munir case

The ongoing judicial commission examination team review of the munir assassination case trial of former national intelligence body deputy muchdi purwopranjono indicates the judges may have violated the judicial code of conduct, thus rendering their acquittal verdict void.

"The original verdict didn't include the testimony of two key witnesses, budi santoso and as'ad," said achmad dardiri, of the judicial commission expert staff, at the national commission of human rights office in jakarta on friday.

If the judicial commission rules that the judges were found to be delinquent in their ruling, muchdi purwopranjono can face trial again on charges of complicity in the september 2004 death of human rights defender munir s. Thalib.

Dardiri explained that judges must follow the legal procedures stipulated in the criminal law procedure code (kuhap); otherwise their verdicts would be classified as unqualified.

"The heaviest sanction for judges making unqualified verdicts is permanent discharge," dardiri said.

Muchdi purwopranjono was acquitted of the murder of munir on dec. 31, 2008. Another defendant, pollycarpus priyanto, was convicted of the killing and is serving a 20-year jail term.

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