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The following report is based on information received from Dili. Sources include Yayasan HAK and CNRT network.

1. Dili, report sent by Neves of Yayasan HAK (Human Rights Foundation), 17-4-99 , 11:52

Today, Saturday, 17-4-99, a rally staged by the pro-integrationists militia called upon the killing and burning of houses of Timorese nationalists. The rally was staged by militia groups known as

· Ai-tarak, (Dili),headed by Eurico Guterres,
· Halilintar from Atabae, Dadurus (Maliana),
· AHI (aileu), Ablai (Same), · Mahidi (ainaro),
· Laksaur Meraputi (Suai),
· Besi Meraputi (maubara),
· Makikit (Vikeke), Saka (Baucau),
· Jati Meraputi (Lospalos)
· and others,

This rally was staged in front of the Governor’s office, in Dili.

All the Indonesian civilian and military officials, from the Governor to the Danrem (Commander of Police), from Kapolda and Dandin to all District Bupatis, they all were present to sanction the event.

The rally started from 10:00 AM. Many civilians were forced by the Indonesian local authorities, the Babinsa and Kepala Desa officials (military suburb middle rank officials) to join the rally. They were forced to be there from 6:00 AM.

Like elsewhere in East Timor, those who joined, were threatened with death if they refused. The majority of the civilians taken by force to the rally were old people. Many were Indonesian immigrants. The selection of people from Indonesia was made on the basis of ‘curly hair’. Those with straight hair, the Indonesian ABRI’s militia think, were not allowed because they appear as ‘Javanese’. ‘curly hair’ people appear more Timorese so these were preferred.

According to a source from Yayasan HAK working from Perumahan Surik Mas, West of Dili, this morning, around 6:00 AM, a suburban official (Kepala Desa), who is a member of ABRI, came to his place to demand people to join the staged ceremony of integration.

Jose Tavares, the ‘commander’ of the Indonesian militia forces, said in his speech that his militia forces are not something new. They exist in East Timor since 1975. Their role has been to fight against Fretilin.

Eurico Guterres, another ‘commander’, was inciting the masses and the militia to arrest, to kill, and to burn the properties of the opponents of integration. He said: "As from today I order all the militia pro-integration to wipe out all the traitors of integration. Capture them, kill them. I will take the responsibility." He said this with hatred.

He not only ordered them to act against the Timorese nationalists but he also singled out Mario Carrascalão. He sent his forces to burn Mario’s house (Farol).

At the time of writing this report, we received news that they started the parade through Balide road, they started shooting people who were standing along the roads. At this stage, we are yet to have confirmed list of victims.

2. CNRT sources confirmed the death of
· Manulito Carrascalao, son of Manuel Carrascalao
· Marito Caeiro, brother of Olandina Alves Caieiro
· Four others killed with Manulito Carrascalao but yet to be identified
· Refugees in Manuel Carrascalao’s residence reportedly killed but yet to be identified.
· Leandro Isaac’s residence attacked this morning (around 11:00 AM). His car and house were destroyed.
· Manuel Carrascalao’s house is currently occupied by Indonesian army men
· Many of the civilians present in the ceremony were Indonesian soldiers from KOPASSUS disguised as civilians
· At 07:15 PM (Sydney-Australia time), the ABRI’s militia still are ramping various suburbs of Dili, shooting and threatening the population

For more information: Agio Pereira mobile 0417 226511 Telephone: 61- 2 98915861; 97287395

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