Subject: Peace agreement signed. Bishops dont sign
Date: Sat, 24 Apr 1999 10:33:50 -0400
From: (TAPOL)

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Solid-Net (Dili 21/4)

A peace agreement between the two sides in East Timor was signed today at 11 am at the residence of Bishop Belo in Dili. Although the signing took place in his residence, neither he nor Bishop Basilio signed the document as witnesses. Sources say that they would not sign because they had not obtained the approval of the Vatican. The other witness to sign the agreement was General Wiranto.

The agreement was signed by Xanana Gusmao and Leandro Isaac of the CNRT and for the pro-integration side, Domingus MD Soares SH, chairman of FPDK (?) and Joao Tavares, Prointegration War Commander.

Signing on behalf of the government and the military were Abilio Soares (Gopvernor), Col.(Pol) Timbul Silaen (chief of police), Col. TNI Tono Suratman (Korem military commander), the chairman of the local assembly (DPRD), as well as a representative of the National Human Rights Commission. Only one of the three witnesses, General Wiranto signed.

For the CNRT, signing the document meant recognising the CNRT as the umbrella organisation representing the resistance of the people of East Timor. Many people on the pro-independence side were doubtful about the wisdom of signing and regretted the decision to do so, but it was seen as being a very important step toward achieving peace and order in advance of the ballot. (tass)

[According to an earlier report, David Ximenes refused to sign the document as one of the two CNRT signatories.]

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