Subject: Yaysan HAK's report on Liquisa, April 7
Date: Sat, 10 Apr 1999 09:41:31 -0400

Yayasan HAK, the human rights NGO in Dili, has released the following report on April 7 (East Timor time) regarding the recent attacks by the paramilitary forces in Liquisa. We will just summarize the basic points and provide a rough, quick translation.

During the first attack on April 5, four residents of Liquisa were killed by either the paramilitary gang, Besi Merah Putih, or by Indonesian army soldiers. Ten houses were burned down or destroyed. Eight of the wounded persons from Liquisa fled to Dili and are now being treated at the Motael clinic and at the public hospital. The ABRI troops involved in the attack were drawn from the Kodim 1638 Liquisa, BTT 143 and Koramil Maubara and Liquisa.

The second attack on April 6 was much more serious. At 4pm the BMP and ABRI troops surrounded the Liquisa church and threw hand grenades into it, killing 45 of the refugees huddling inside. Five more persons were shot at the pastor's residence. The names of the 45 victims have been verified directly from the pastor of Liquisa, pastor Rafael Dos Santos. This morning at 9am HAK tried to contact the pastor again and other reliable sources but the phone connection was cut.

The thousands of refugees who had been taking refuge in the church since April 5 to avoid attacks by BMP and ABRI troops are now scattered. As of this time, Liquisa city is inaccessible. Nevertheless, Yayasan HAK, Kontras and church officials will try to go to Liquisa to investigate the situation today (April 7).

HAK expresses the hope there will be intervention from solidarity groups in Indonesia or other countries. They calculate that this attack from BMP which was supported by ABRI will provoke retalitation from the pro-independence groups and Falintil. If there is such a reaction, the number of victims will increase.


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