Subject: Xanana's to Opening Session of DARE II
Date: Fri, 02 Jul 1999 09:01:10 +0000
From: "John M. Miller" <>

CNRT - Timor-Leste xanana gusmão

Distinguished Representative of the United Nations, Tamrat Samuel

Excellencies, Ambassadors of Friendly Governments

Distinguished Representatives of the Government of Indonesia

Honourable Representatives of the Church of Indonesia

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Respected Bishops of East Timor, D. Carlos Filipe Ximenes D. Basílio do Nascimento

The presence here today of so many distinguished figures is a great honour and testimony to the tremendous faith placed in this set of meetings of Dialogue and Reconciliation.

I wish to express our appreciation to the Indonesian Government which has contributed admirably to the realisation of Dare II through the granting of visas to our brothers and sisters from the diaspora.

This occasion constitutes, above all, a responsibility for the more than 60 Timorese gathered here who are conscious that peace is a universal value and the right of each and every human being.

This meeting, witnessed by the international community, is of particular relevance in view of the fact that the Timorese are fully committing themselves, through their presence here, to returning Peace to the People of Timor Loro Sa'e.

The people of Timor Loro Sa'e have experienced periods of war throughout their history, most notably over the past 23 years.

If we have inherited from our ancestors the spirit of rebellion, today the Timorese people wish to hand down something new to future generations - real and lasting peace!

Dear Timorese Brothers and Sisters,

The New York agreement of 5 May, has rendered this process, the process of reconciliation, irreversible. No son or daugther of Timor Loro Sa'e can or will be able to avoid feeling responsible for and committed to the process of dialogue and reconciliation.


The fundamental objective of reconciliation is peace. Reconciliation represents a deliberate break with an atmosphere of confrontation.

The most difficult step has been taken - that of the acceptance of the need for dialogue as the means of reaching a better understanding of one another's ideas, of putting an end to apprehensions and of rejecting violence.

The first two days of meetings, whilst perhaps falling short of our expectations, were of crucial importance in paving the way to improved communication and to a more conscious assumption of our responsibilities as sons and daughters of Timor Loro Sa'e to our beloved people and to the international community.

Our long suffering people have placed all their hopes in Dare II. These final three days of meetings are vitally important to our people. It is their hope that their sons and daughters, with greater capabilities, may embrace the spirit of fraternity, of mutual respect and may commit themselves to the ideal of Peace.

On our part, I reaffirm our unqualified support to contributing in all aspects in order to ensure that the consultation process is free, just and democratic.

I invite all my Timorese brothers and sisters to break down, once and for all, the barriers constructed between us. May brotherhood be the new guiding force in our relations.

Peace is possible in Timor Loro Sa'e!

Kay Rala Xanana Gusmão President of CNRT

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