Subject: AI UA 163/99 INDONESIA Disappearances
Date: 13 Jul 99 16:25:13 -0400
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PUBLIC AI Index: ASA 21/59/99 13 July 1999

UA 163/99 "Disappearances"


Yacob Hamdan, 30 Zainal Abdullah Abdul Manaf, 18 Ishak, 27 Abdul Mutaleb Tgk M Saleh

Amnesty International is concerned for the safety of the six men named above, who have "disappeared" after they were arrested between 27 June and 8 July 1999, allegedly by the Indonesian National Army (TNI).

Tgk M Saleh was arrested by around 10 men, one carrying a rifle, at his home in Bukit Kemuneng Village, Teunom Sub-district, West Aceh at around 11pm on 27 June 1999. The men were thought to be TNI soldiers, but Amnesty International cannot confirm this.

On 1 July, Yacob Hamdan, from Alue Dua Village, Peureulak Sub-district, East Aceh, and Zainal Abdullah, from Paya Meuligoe Village, Peureulak Sub-district, were arrested by members of the TNI within the grounds of the PT Nusantara I company, in Karang Inong, East Aceh. Neither man has been seen since.

On 2 July, Abdul Mutaleb, from Teumpeun Village, Peureulak Sub-district, was arrested at his home by the security forces and accused of being a member of the armed opposition group Gerakan Aceh Merdeka (GAM), the Free Aceh Movement, and of involvement in the shooting of a military informer on 22 June. Abdul Mutaleb had previously accused a local government official, who is believed to work as an aide to the security forces, of corruption. He has not been seen since his arrest.

At around 5 pm on 3 July, Abdul Manaf, from Alue Bu Tuha Village, Peureulak Sub-district, was arrested by members of the TNI at his place of work in the town of Langsa. He has not been seen since.

Ishak, from Sungai Raya, Ranto Selamat Sub-district, East Aceh, was arrested on 8 July by two unknown men believed to be from the TNI. He was arrested as he was drinking coffee in Kuala Langsa, and taken away in a vehicle.


Serious human rights violations, including "disappearances" and unlawful killings, have increased since the end of 1998 in the course of TNI counter-insurgency operations against GAM. People have also been arbitrarily arrested and detained. In February at least seven people were unlawfully killed when the TNI fired on a procession in Idi Cut, East Aceh. On 3 May, human rights monitors claimed that at least 40 people were killed in Krueng Geukueh, Dewantara Sub-District, Aceh Utara District, when the TNI fired on a demonstration. GAM have also been accused of committing human rights abuses.

RECOMMENDED ACTION: Please send telegrams/faxes/express/airmail letters in Bahasa Indonesia, English or your own language:

- urging the authorities to immediately establish and make public the whereabouts of the six men, and to provide guarantees for their safety;

- urging the authorities to ensure that, if they are found to be in custody, they have regular access to human rights lawyers, to their families and to medical professionals, and that they are immediately released if they are not to be charged with recognisably criminal offences.

APPEALS TO: (Time difference = GMT + 7 hrs / BST + 6 hrs)


Gen. Wiranto [Salutation: Dear Minister] Menteri Pertahanan dan Keamanan Jl. Medan Merdeka Barat No.13-14 Jakarta 10110 Indonesia Telegrams: General Wiranto, Jakarta, Indonesia Fax: + 62 21 381 4535/ 384 5178

PLEASE SEND COPIES OF YOUR APPEALS TO: Embassy of Indonesia, 38 Grosvenor Square, London W1X 9AD. Fax: 0171 491 4993


MILITARY COMMANDER REGION I/BUKIT BARISAN (covers North & West Sumatra and Aceh)

Major General Abdul Rahman Gaffar Pangdam I/Bukit Barisan Markas Besar KODAM I Medan Sumatra Utara Indonesia

PLEASE SEND APPEALS IMMEDIATELY. Please do not send appeals after 24 August 1999.

If you have any queries about this Urgent Action or about + + the UA scheme in general, please contact: + + Ray Mitchell / Becky Hess + + Amnesty International UK Section + + 99 - 119 Rosebery Avenue + + London EC1R 4RE email:

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