Subject: Joint Statement: HUMANITARIAN MISSION for IDP
Date: Sat, 10 Jul 1999 16:49:39 -0400


Joint Statement: HUMANITARIAN MISSION FOR INTERNALLY DISPLACED PEOPLE (Yayasan HAK, Yayasan ETADeP, Caritas Dili, Yayasan Kasimo, Posko Bantuan Darurat Untuk Pengungsi Internal, Timor Aid)

The situation of internally displaced people (IDP's) in East Timor is worsening by the day. They must face intimidation, terror; their houses are burned; the health condition is very poor with a high mortality rate due to disease and lack of adequate food. Since the annoucement of the two options by President Habibie many milita groups have been formed in East Timor. This has led to intimidation by militia in order to force a certain political interest, causing tens of thousands of displaced. These IDP's can be found in Raimate, Sare, Kecamatan Hatolia, Kabupaten Ermera; in Kampung Faulara Desa Leotola, Kec. Liquica, Kecamatan Maubara; in Kecamatan Atabae and in Suai. These IDP's face systematic terror, intimidation, rape, which is aimed to force them to follow a certain political intersest.

Responding to this situation, a number of NGOs in Dili made the initiative to conduct a joint delivery of humanitarian aid to overcome the problem of access due to security threats which have been experienced up to this point. On Juky 2nd this joint mission was carried out, bringing with us 25 tons of rice, cooking utensils, medicines, salt, sugar, to be distributed to IDP's in Sare, and in Faulara, respectively 3800 and 3000 IDP's in the two locations. UNAMET and UNCHR came with the NGO mission to conduct their own independent assessment and observe the distribution. UNHCR and UNAMET also assisted in the coordination with local authorities. Before the departure of the Humanitarian Mission coordination with the local government was conducted (See Chronology.) However, in our journey home, the Humanitarian Mission was attacked by Besi Merah Putih milita, causing a number of NGO workers to be hurt. Until now, an IDP who came with us, Jose Manus Marcal, 70 years, for medical treatment in Dili is stil unknown. After the attack of the Humanitarian Mission, there are now allegations by Police and others that firearms were seen in a UNAMET vehicle. This is part of the manipulation of facts which is conducted to discredit our Humanitarian Mission (See Chronology). Since the Humanitarian mission has left Sare and Faulara, we have no access to the IDP's. We are concerned that their situation will worsen, due to food shortages, lack of medical care, lack of security. The IDP's are concerned for their safety as they have received threats of an attack if they accept aid. Looking at the situation of IDP's and the violent acts conducted by Besi Merah Putuh militia, the Humanitarian Mission states the following: - We condemn the violence and intimidation by militia who have burned houses, raped, and terrorised the population. - We condemn the government for not taking action to alleviate the suffering of the IDP's. - We condemn the brutal militia attack on the Humanitarian Mission in Liquiça on July 4 1999. - We condemn the Indonesian police officials in Liquisa who allowed this to take place, without taking steps to prevent this incident. - We condemn the discriminative actions by the police who handled this case, allowing the perpetrators to roam around town, instead interrogating a few members of the Humanitarian Mission. - We condemn the attempts to engineer the attack by security forces, and the manipulation of facts and a disinformation campaign through media.

The Humanitarian Mission thus demands: - POLRI, being responsible for security, to disarm and disband all militia who are a threat to the East Timorese population. This is in accordance to the Peace Agreement of 21 April 1999 in Dili and the Peace Agreement of 18 June in Jakarta. - POLRI to conduct legal process that is transparant and objective to the perpetrators of the attack on the Humanitarian Mission. - POLRI to return vehicles of the Humanitarian Mission which is now being held at the Kapolres Liquisa.

To ensure the success of the popular ballot and for the safety of the IDPs, the Humanitarian Mission: - Urges all parties to repect all humanitarian mission which is directed to all those who are suffering. - Urges UNAMET to pressure the Indonesian government to punish those who attacked this mission and to withdraw TNI as agreed in the May 5th agreement. - Urges all parties to respect the righ of IDP's and those who are suffering to recive aid and have protection.

This is our position and statement which we are making with deep concern towards the situation of the internally displaced and towards the attack on the Humanitarian Mission.

Dili, 6 Juli 1999

Yayasan HAK Yayasan ETADeP

Caritas Yayasan Kasimo

Timor Aid Posko for Emergency Aid for IDP's


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