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June 27 - July 10
July 25 - 31

July 11 - 17
Indonesia Training Militia To Send To East Timor - Report
Militia terror in Timor
Concrete steps needed to change climate of fear in East Timor - UN
Irish Bishop returns from E Timor "Today no one is safe in East Timor."
Philippines lifts ban on JRHorta
All pro-independence East Timorese civil servants "should be fired"
Election results for four seats in East Timor
Indonesian armed forces, government pledge commitment to fair vote
AI UA 163-99 INDONESIA Disappearances
Church group counts over 85,000 displaced people
ETO - Numbers and identification of Indonesian Military in ET
Megawati Would Not Block East Timor's Independence - Horta
Senior US official holds talks with Habibie-Xanana on East Timor
Timor vote caught in crossfire
UN Council Tells Jakarta To Stop E.Timor Violence
U.S. Crowd control training labeled useless
AI UA 166-99 INDONESIA Disappearance
Alatas insists East Timor ballot be held on schedule
Annan gives go-ahead for Timor voter registration
Howard damns handling of Timor ballot
Local Govt, Int'l Organisations Agree On Mechanism To Help Refugee
UNAMET resumes operations in E. Timor hot bed
US-Indonesia ties could suffer if violence derails Timor vote
Burnt by the fire of political cleansing
Living Dangerously Violence and uncertainty fuel worries about the forthcoming Timor poll
Voter registration set to open throughout East Timor Friday
AI EX089-99 INDONESIA Arbitrary detention
AI FI153-99 INDONESIA Legal concern
Bishop Belo allowed to leave Indonesia for US
Bloodshed Mars E. Timor Voter Drive
East Timor truce allows immunization
E.Timor Vote Sign-Up Starts Some Delays
Hundreds turn out to register in traumatized district of East Timor
"Positive" reactions to UN proposals on ETimor security
Suffrage starts at home
UN Security Council supports referendum work in East Timor
Waiting to Wage Peace
Anxious watch on East Timor
E. Timor militiaman says he has been told to make guns
What's the rush? Editorial

July 18 - 24
Hearts at home for Timor voters abroad
Mayor Threatens To Kill Aussies
The quest for freedom that killed Milena's brother
UN, U.S. still upset over Timor security
Xanana calls for further pullout of Indonesian troops
East Timor bishop urges U.S. Catholics not to forget poor
EU warns of pro-Indonesian militias on East Timor

Irish FA Minister Andrews to be appointed As EU Special Envoy for Timor
Pro-Jakarta groups claim bias in voter registration
Violence may delay E. Timor ballot - visiting U.S. bishop
Carter Center - Weekly Report on East Timor, No. 1 July 11 - 17, 1999
Downer visit to ETimor - Evacuation document
Horta says no reprisals in independent East Timor
SAS On Stand-by For East Timor Violence
Thousands Flee Homes in E. Timor
E. Timor's Future May Lie in Sea
East Timor voter registration on target - UNAMET
Situation Improving Says UN
UN radio top of Timor pops
World Bank says Indonesia donors watching E.Timor
9000 East Timor refugees 'disappear'
Annan Apprehensive Of Security, Rights In E. Timor
Aussie commission unable to set up more registration centers
House of Rep. Debate on East Timor
Indonesia's Alatas sees East Timor vote on track
Unions, rights groups want Indonesia funds withheld
Xanana fears chaos after Timor vote
Decision expected Monday on whether Timor vote goes ahead
Horta unconcerned by prospect no 'brain drain' on E Timor
Indonesia Snubs A Loyal Friend
People told to report errant UN personnel
Timorese want independence - Bishop Belo
E. Timor leader sees 3-year transition period for Timor
East Timor vote may be delayed again - Ramos-Horta
Guerillas take battle to ballot
Militia slowly back off
Timor villagers warned - Death if you vote for independence

July 25 - 31
June 27 - July 10

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