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June 27 - July 10
July 11 - 24

July 25 - 31
Irish bishop says Indonesian loans should be tied to human rights
E. Timor leader sees 3-year transition period for Timor
Hawks in routine exercise - Wrianto
The Epic Struggles of Bishop Belo (book review)
East Timor activist praises Filipinos for 'people power'
East Timor's refugees in limbo
Ramos-Horta seeks freeze on Suharto assets to indemnify victims
East Timor Needs Help - Editorial
East Timor prefers South Pacific Forum ahead of ASEAN - Ramos Horta
Fears of bloodbath grow as militias stockpile arms
HAK - Press Release, July 22, 1999
Hundreds more Indonesian police arrive in East Timor
Indonesian Muslim leader visits E. Timor
Letter by NGOs on Abuse of Social Safety Net Funds
Official denies E. Timor church charging improper voter fees
Rights activists question if Timor vote can be fair
Rights groups urge suspension of aid
UN meets top East Timor rebels as decision on autonomy vote
CGI donor countries praise progress but concerned about East Timor
Frontier town becomes the UN's acid test
Gus Dur meets East Timorese leaders
Shadowy army force behind attack on UN
U.N. chief refuses to set date for East Timor vote
UN refugee agency launches aid program for Timor
Carter Center warn on security and intimidation
East Timorese rebels vow to confine troops to barracks - UN
ETimor struggles along the dangerous road to independence
Finnish cartridges used in East Timor - Amnesty
UN is biased, Jakarta says
Indonesia wins aid pledge despite Timor jitters
Local residents report military movements to newspaper
Portugal blames Indonesia for delay in East Timor vote
Prisoners locked out of vote on Timor's future
Australia troops set to go to Timor
Disease, malnutrition claim lives of 100 East Timor refugees
Downer doubts further delay in Timor ballot Jakarta
Megawati says she will accept result of East Timor vote
The Abuse of East Timorese Women
ANFREL Expresses Grave Concern On the East Timor Situation
Australia's Downer warns of "enormous risks" in East Timor vote
Fate of East Timor - Editorial
Future of E Timor
Indonesia's Opportunity

Marines seen in Timor hills
Wiranto's report to cabinet critical of UNAMET
Internal refugees left without identity documents - Yayasan HAK
Refugees head home to villages from Dili for poll registration
Timor - plan for UN rule

June 27 - July 10
July 11 - 24

June 1999
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Postings of Human Rights Violations in East Timor