Subject: OMCT Case IDN/TMP 250599/East Timor/Human rights violations
Date: Tue, 25 May 1999 17:27:28 +0200
From: "OMCT" <> Organization: OMCT

Case IDN/TMP 250599

The International Secretariat of OMCT requests your urgent intervention on the following situation in East Timor/Indonesia.

Brief description of the situation

The International Secretariat of OMCT continues to receive information on human rights violations on the civilian population in East-Timor, including attacks, kidnappings, enforced disappearances and killings by pro-integration paramilitary groups allegedly supported by the military and military forces in East Timor.

According to the East Timor Human Rights Centre (ETHRC), a member of the OMCT network, the most recent human rights violations have taken place in the Suai District, the Ermera District, Bonbonaro, and the sub- district of Bazarette.

In the Suai District, the ETHRC has reported that 13 East Timorese civilians are believe to have been killed. In addition, 7 students have been attacked by militia groups. Five of the students (Natalino de Jesus, Cosme Freitas, Victor Gomes, Marcel -no surname-, Abrao do Nascimento) were severely beaten, while the other two students, Joao Soares Ximenes and Bernardino Simao, were allegedly kidnapped by the Mahidi paramilitary group on 9 April 1999. Their whereabouts remain unknown. An unconfirmed report would suggest that a large number of bodies have been dumped into the Salele pond at the Salele military post.

Names of the people who are believed to have been killed:

Abilio Pires, Amaro (no surname), Amaro de Araujo, Domingos (no surname), Jose (no surname), Aurelio (no surname), Emilio (no surname), Mateus Araujo, Daniel (no surname), Amaro (no surname), Jorge dos Reis, Celistino (no surname), Felix (no surname), Marcal (no surname)

In the Ermera District it has been reported that on 20 April 1999, the village head of Maluskiik, Bartolomeus, was assassinated probably by members of the Besi Merah Putih and members of ABRI. Then on 22 April 1999 two farmers, Antonio Barromeu and Carlito (no surname) from the village Hatolia, were allegedly killed by Battalion Territorila Troops (BTT).

In Bonaro, between the 15 and the 17 of April 1999, members of Halilintar militia attacked, and destroyed property in the hamlet of Ailoklaran- Lores, Aidabalete village, Sub-district of Atabe. Five victims were reported to have been beaten and terrorized by the militia (Jose Guterres, Manuel Mendes, Joes Gonzakez, Lino Leite, Anastacio). It is believed that the victims were targets of violence because they were suspected of supplying Falintil with information and medicine.

In the sub-district of Bazarette, west Dili, between the 17 and the 18 May 1999, following an operation allegedly ordered by the head of the district of Liquica, Leoneto Martins and the commander of the Besi Merah Putih Militia, Manuel de Sousa, a total of 9 civilians (Etelvina, Augusta, Abeba, Hermelinda, Constantino, Belarmino, Justina, Felix and Ana (no surnames) were kidnapped by pro-integration militia. It is believed that the operation was aimed at capturing and killing pro-independence supporters. Their whereabouts remain unknown. Furthermore, other five East Timorese people are believed to have been kidnapped by pro- integration forces during the months of April and May (Alberto Oliveira, Inacio dos Santos in May and Florindo dos Santos, Bernardino Santos and Abilio sa Silva in April).

Moreover, according to the information received, between 5 000 and 6 000 refugees currently in Sare (on the border of Ermera), who have fled out of fear from attacks, have apparently had no humanitarian aid since the end of March. It is believed that the Battalion Territorial Troops and the local militia group, Naga Merah, have been working together to block humanitarian aid. The International Secretariat of OMCT can only express its deepest concern for the fate of these refugees.

The International Secretariat of OMCT is gravely concerned over the escalation of violence in East Timor, in particular, the violations perpetrated by pro-integration paramilitary groups which are believed to be armed and trained by the Indonesian military. Violence has escalated in East Timor since Indonesian authorities stated that it would grant the Timor independence if East Timorese reject its offer of wide-ranging autonomy.

Action requested

Please write to the Indonesian authorities urging them to:

i. guarantee the physical and psychological integrity of all persons in East Timor, particularly the above mentioned people, and immediately locate the whereabouts of the disappeared East Timorese people;

ii. should some of these persons be arrested, order their immediate release if they are detained without valid charges against them or, if such charges exist, bring them before a competent and impartial tribunal and guarantee their full procedural rights;

iii.guarantee an impartial and exhaustive inquiry into the aforementioned incidents, identify those responsible, particularly the paramilitary groups and the military involved in, bring them to trial, and apply the penal, civil, and/or administrative sanctions provided by law, in accordance with international standards;

iv. take the appropriate and immediate measures to stop human rights violations in East Timor:

v. allow immediate access into East Timor to humanitarian organisations and human rights monitors, particularly into Sare;

vi. ensure in all circumstances respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms in accordance with national laws and international human rights standards;


President of the Republic of Indonesia, Istana Negara, Gedung Binagraha, Jl. Veteran Jakarta Pusat INDONESIA, Faxes: +62 21 345 7782 Telegrams: President Habibie, Jakarta, Indonesia E-mail:

MINISTER FOR FOREIGN AFFAIRS, Ali Alatas S.H Menteri Luar Negeri, Jl. Medan Taman Pejambon No. 6 Jakarta, INDONESIA, Faxes: +62 21 360 541 / 360 517 / 380 5511 / 345 7782 / 724 5354

MINISTER FOR DEFENCE FORCES, General Wiranto, Menteri Pertahanan Keamanan RI, Jl. Medan Merdeka Barat No 13-14, Jakarta 10110, INDONESIA, Telephone: +62 21 366 184 Fax: +62 21 3845 178

RESORT MILITARY COMMAND (KOREM), Colonel Tono Suratman, Markas KOREM 164/Wiradharma Dili, East Timor, Faxes: +62 390 21 624, Telegrams: Colonel Suratman, East Timor (Indonesia)

MILITARY COMMANDER REGION IX/UDAYANA (includes East Timor), Major General Adam Damiri Pangdam IX/Udayana, Markas Besar KODAM IX/Udayana, Denpasar, Bali, INDONESIA Telephone: +62 361 228 095, Telegrams: Pangdam IX/Udayana, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia

Diplomatic representatives of Indonesia in your country

Geneva, 25 May 1999

Kindly inform us of any action taken quoting the code of this appeal in your reply.

Organisation Mondiale Contre la Torture (OMCT) World Organisation Against Torture (OMCT) Organización Mundial Contra la Tortura (OMCT) 37-39 Rue de Vermont Case postale 119 CH-1211 Geneve 20 CIC Suisse/Switzerland Tel. : 0041 22 733 31 40 Fax : 0041 22 733 10 51 E-mail :

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