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June 1 - 12

June 13 - 19
Prelate urges international action for peaceful East Timor vote
Parents of Aniceto Guteres Lopes terrorised
Secret papers reveal Timor pledge as sham
Army defies UN in autonomy rally
E. Timor Activist Appeals For Help For 45,000 Displaced
Indonesia not serious about holding the Consultation - SOLIDAMOR
Terror now a delaying tactic in East Timor
Barred Horta complains to UN
Concern Over Status of E. Timor Militias
Indonesian Govt sets up Media Centre in Timor
Voter Safety Worries U.N. as East Timor Eyes Freedom
Jakarta bans propaganda use for aid money

First Portuguese observers arrive in East Timor
Irish Times interview with David Ximenes
Radio offers Timor dream of liberty
UN police chief tries out his Dili beat
UN presence yet to be felt outside East Timor capital Dili
UN - Video-message from UN Sec General to people of East Timor
A Step Towards Peace in East Timor
Twisted Referendum - Editorial
Militias force East Timor vote delay
Timor vote delay a threat to Jakarta
UN chief finds cache of illegal militia weapons
Warring East Timor factions sign disarmament accord
Back from the dead - Survivor of Santa Cruz massacre
Gusmao says no agreement on who will disarm Timor factions
Two sides in East Timor agree to disarm
UN catches Indonesia red-handed
Note Verbale from Portugal

June 20 - 26
ACFOA on East Timor - 'Back to the beginning'
Part of the elite thinks policy on East Timor a mistake
UN chief despairs at military role in terror
[CFFB] Report on the Monitoring of the Ballot (May-June 1999)
Local militia crack down on go-it-alone Timorese
Amnesty International - Warnings of Election Violence
Australia-Indonesia Oil Deal Seen Intact On Timor Vote
First contingent of UN police arrive in East Timor
Four ready to describe killing of Australians at Balibo
Guerillas demand clamp on army
Pro-Indonesia group calls for ouster of UN spokesman in East Timor
East Timorese refugees may not get a vote
Jakarta not attempting to put off Timor polls - UN envoy told
UN Announcement of Delay in Vote Draws Sharp Reactions
Army plot 'to seize territory ahead of vote'
Indonesia seeks clear reasons for postponement of East Timor vote
Three East Timor pro-autonomy groups form United Front
Xanana backs ballot delay
AJI protest against banning alternative press in Timor
Death Threats whispered against UN
UN checking false ID card report in East Timor
UN Envoy Optimistic About East Timor Ballot
Vote Delay Seen Aiding UN in Timor
AI UA 147-99 EAST TIMOR Possible disappearance
UN envoy says great expectations, many problems in East Timor
East Timor reconciliation talks set to start in Jakarta
E. Timor's 'voice of independence' faces greatest challenge
JRHorta says he will return to ETimor
Timorese Leaders Vow To Find Peace
UN assures equal campaign rights ahead of East Timor vote

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June 1 - 12
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Postings of Human Rights Violations in East Timor