Subject: SOS: Yayasan HAK director's life in danger
Date: Sat, 1 May 1999 21:10:06 +0100 (BST)
From: (TAPOL)

From: FORTILOS <> Subject: SOS: Aniceto Guteres Lopes, Direktur Yayasan HAK in danger

The life of Aniceto Guteres Lopes, Direktur Yayasan HAK, the organisation which has been monitoring human rights violations in East Timor, is under threat.

At midnight on 30 April, three unidentified men entered the yard of Aniceto's home. Two were carrying firearams and the third was carrying a machete.

Earlier in the day, Aniceto believed that he was in danger because his house was being watched. This was reinforced by the setting up 30 meters from his home, RT 03/RW 03, Mascarenhas, Dili, of a post (people in the vicinity say there was three posts) by Aitarak militias. He turned off all the lights inside and outside his house and all the people inside hid themselves in case of danger, and in readiness to save themselves in case of attack.

Some time later, they saw the three unidentified men enter the grounds of the house. One was holding his firearm at the ready, the second one was carrying his weapon and the third man held his machete in his hand. The three men seemed to be trying to investigate the situation around the building. Then, one person inside accidentally tripped over a table, causing a noise. Possibly because they heard this, the three men rushed out of the yard and disappeared into the dark.

The whole night long, Aniceto and the others in the house were not able to sleep and hid themselves in the dark, in case of trouble.

I spoke to Aniceto this evening, Saturday, at 10pm. He told me they had turned off the lights and all the people inside had hidden themselves in case the armed men returned. We at Fortilos are waiting for further news from Aniceto. Please do whatever you can to save him!

You could phone these numbers:

- Col. Tono Suratman, military commander Timor Timur: 62 390 321581 (Dili)
- Abilio Soares, Gubernur Timor Timur: 62390 322799 (Dili) / HP 0816-295-065

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