Subject: PIJAR calls for prosecution of Suharto and Habibie

BBC Summary of World Broadcasts Reformists call for past Indonesian presidents to be tried over " Timor war crimes"

Source: 'Rakyat Merdeka', Jakarta, in Indonesian 15 Nov 99 p 2

Jakarta: Activists of the Indonesian Information Centre and Action Network for Reform (Pijar) will continue their efforts to bring former Indonesian military (TNI) commanders and the supreme commanders during the Suharto and Habibie regimes [that is, Suharto and Habibie themselves] before the International Court. For Pijar, these are the men responsible for war crimes and crimes against humanity in the now-relinquished East Timor.

Pijar continues to spotlight the butchering of East Timorese people in the Santa Cruz cemetery eight years ago...

Pijar considered that tragedy as evidence of the military's thirst for power. Pijar has also been trying to re-expose the "wounds" caused by the violence committed by the military during the Suharto regime, particularly about the immunity policy implemented by Suharto that enabled the military to avoid any legal responsibility...

Pijar concluded that it was appropriate that Suharto and all the military commanders during his reign should take responsibility, rather than the pawns in the lowest ranks. "Therefore, they should be brought to court," said Silaiman Hayikal, chairman of Pijar Indonesia's central board [as received]...

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