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List of Topics for Curt Gabrielson's Monthly Newsletters for
Institute of Current World Affairs

Curt Gabrielson
Curt Gabrielson

Curt Gabrielson, partner of Pamela Sexton (of La'o Hamutuk and ETAN) and science teacher from Missouri, received a fellowship from the Institute of Current World Affairs (ICWA) in December 2000. He spent the next two years in East Timor working on science education, as well as observing various aspects of East Timor's reconstruction. The Institute required Curt to write an informative newsletter each month about a topic of his choice.

ICWA has created its own website and posted the newsletters there. Click the link here. (The site requires registration.)




CG-1 January 2001 - Introduction and recent history of East Timor

CG-2 February 2001 - Building From the Ground Up: Education in New East Timor (part 1)

CG-3 March 2001 - An Island Full of Languages

CG-4 April 2001 - First Impressions of the UN in East Timor

CG-5 May 2001 - Cloudy Waters: A Political Primer of East Timor

CG-6 June 2001 - U.S. Responsibility in the West Timor Refugee Crisis

CG-7 July 2001 - A Long and Rocky Road: Education in New East Timor, part 2

CG-8 August 2001 - The Catholic Church in East Timor

CG-9 September 2001 - Consumption and Life In East Timor: Part 1

CG-10 October 2001 - Consumption and Life In East Timor: Part 2

CG-11 November 2001 - The First Election: Nation Building in East Timor

CG-12 December 2001 - Changing Places in East Timor (Baucau)

CG-13 January 2002 - East Timorese Women’s Fight Against Violence

CG-14 February 2002 - East Timorese Women On Their Way Up

CG-15 March 2002 - Barely Afloat on High Seas: Education in East Timor, Part 3

CG-16 April 2002 - Life from the Land, Part I

CG-17 May 2002 - Life from the Land, Part II

CG-18 June 2002 - A Nation Is Born, Again (Political scene, presidential vote, independence day)

CG-19 July 2002 - Aid?

CG-20 August 2002 - La'o Hamutuk: Walking Together with the East Timorese

CG-21 September 2002 - My Experience with Physics Education in East Timor

CG-22 October 2002 - Situation in West Papua

CG-23 November 2002 - Indonesian Military Terror In Aceh: From Bad to Worse

CG-24 December 2002 - Improving What Is (Summing Up: Updates, Curt's History with East Timor)

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