International Federation for East Timor

23 March 2002

IFET has registered as an international observer group for East Timor's 14 April 2002 presidential election. As with the 2001 Constituent Assembly elections, this will be a small observer mission, including both East Timorese and internationals. We will work closely with La'o Hamutuk, and include those LH staff who wish to as IFET observers. Observers will commit to observe the IEC Code of Conduct and share the responsibilities of organizing and reporting for this project.

The deadline for submitting names of individual observers is 6 April. If you plan to be here on the 14th, have experience monitoring elections here or elsewhere, and would like to be an IFET observer, please email me before 4 April with your formal name, nationality, and birth date. If I don't already know you, please send a self-introduction as well.

Thank you.

-- Charles Scheiner

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