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CNRT on Recent Events in West Timor; Calls for International Tribunal, Postponement of CGI Meeting

CNRT/Congresso Nacional Presidency

Dili, 13 September 2000

Taking into consideration the recent attack against UNHCR in Atambua which resulted in the murder of three international staff, an undetermined number of wounded, the destruction of the UNHCR office and its withdrawal from West Timor,

given the impunity with which the perpetrators of this barbaric crime are still operating in West Timor, the incapacity of the Indonesian Government to control the situation and the ongoing complicity of segments of TNI in the terrorist actions executed by the militia groups which they armed, trained and maintain,

having still fresh in our memories last year's destruction of East Timor carried out by the same murderers paid by the antidemocratic forces of Indonesia with the consent of the Indonesian military,

The CNRT/Congresso Nacional remains faithful to the reconciliation policy. However, it cannot accept that its long standing position of tolerance and dialogue be faced with continuing acts of violence and total disregard for human lives and for the Peace process.

The CNRT/Congresso Nacional regrets that last year's events in East Timor have placed Indonesia in a position of dishonour vis-à-vis the international community and, also regrets that antidemocratic forces within Indonesia continue to operate with impunity thus jeopardising the economic recovery process in their own country.

The CNRT/Congresso Nacional has, on several occasions, urged the international community to assist the process of economic recovery in Indonesia and the democratic process led by President Wahid. However, the bad faith of some Indonesian politicians has surfaced in an apparent on-going effort to destabilise the situation in East Timor.

The CNRT/Congresso Nacional strongly supports Security Council Resolution 1319, 8 September 2000 and the decision to send a Security Council delegation to Indonesia. We cannot accept that murderers use Indonesian territory to promote destabilising operations and to launch attacks against East Timor.

Stability is crucial both for East Timor and Indonesia and good neighbourly relations between the two countries will depend on it.

Thus, the CNRT/Congresso Nacional demands that:

1. Indonesia dismantles the terrorist training camps in West Timor;

2. Indonesia disarms and arrests all terrorist leaders operating in Indonesian territory against the peace and the security of the East Timorese People;

3. the Security Council establishes an International War Crimes Tribunal on East Timor;

4. the World Bank postpones the CGI meeting in mid-October until Indonesia proves its good will and determination by dismantling the terrorist training camps on Indonesian territory, disarms and arrests all those responsible for the present violence in West Timor and the incursions into East Timorese territory and, resumes the voluntary repatriation process, without any further obstacles, of all the East Timorese who remain unwillingly in West Timor.

5. dialogue with all Timorese individuals or groups who do not accept the results of the popular consultation and who refuse to relinquish violence is put on hold.

Presidency of the CNRT/Congresso Nacional

Contact: Roque Rodrigues - 0417 830041


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