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Press Release

“Bring them home”
The People of Timor-Leste once again commemorate 30 August as the 14th anniversary of the popular consultation (1999-2013). This historic day lead to our independence from the long period of suffering that occurred because of grave crimes committed systematically by the Indonesian military. Since our independence, the people of Timor-Leste have lived in a democratic state under the rule of law. But since entering this independence process, we have started to develop without yet having credible justice for the perpetrators of grave crimes against the Timorese people. Up to now, our leaders in Timor-Leste have not yet had the strong political will to confront the issue of justice for serious past crimes, which is the foundation of the democratic state under the rule of law.

Up to now, with more than a decade gone, there is still impunity, and the consequences are clearly showing. Reality shows that the Government of Indonesia is protecting criminals from accountability for the crimes they committed in Timor-Leste.

Importantly, 30 August is also the International Day of Enforced Disappearances, families of the missing and those families who still live in misery. Many families continue to mourn and demand for their relatives who went missing during the conflict. In response to these specific concerns, a large group has worked address this situation, starting with the establishment of CAVR (Commission for Reception, Truth and Reconciliation) and CTF (Bilateral Commission on Truth and Friendship), nevertheless we all wait for the two Governments (Timor-Leste and Indonesia) to commit to implementing the specific recommendations of these two commissions.

For this reason, ANTI, together with the victims' families, organised a public discussion on 28 August and invited the Foreign Affairs Minister, a member of the National Parliament, the Country Representative of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and a civil society representative to be speakers at this public discussion. Unfortunately, the representatives from the Government and National Parliament didn’t manage to attend.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation was to talk about progress and the challenges in implementing the recommendations of the CTF, particularly relating to enforced disappearances, and the representative from National Parliament was speak about the policies of Parliament relation to the issue of enforced disappearances; with civil society to talk about their perspectives on the issue of disappearances.

ANTI, and especially the victims' families, were extremely disheartened that the Government, represented through the Foreign Minister, and the members of National Parliament, were not present at this public discussion, because the victims and their families needed and very much wanted to hear about the efforts of the Government and Parliament in relation to the implementation of the CTF. But in the end, these important speakers did not take part in this discussion.

However, at the same time, the Indonesian Ambassador did attend and deliver some thoughts about the commitment of the State of Indonesia to implementing the recommendations of the CTF.

For civil society, the real concern related to the agreement established three years ago by the PDHJ (Timor-Leste Ombudsman for Human Rights and Justice) with Komnas Ham Indonesia (Indonesian Commission on Human Rights), and which has been extended for one year, but has still yet to produce any results.

Yet up to now, with more than a decade gone, there is still impunity, and the consequences are clearly showing. Reality shows that the Government of Indonesia is protecting criminals from accountability for the crimes they committed in Timor-Leste. Currently, there is a strong debate taking place in Indonesia in relation to the general election for the President of Indonesia next year, in 2014, with the names of criminals Wiranto and Prabowo Subianto always mentioned as candidates for the election. ANTI is concerned that their grave criminal acts will continue in other parts of the Indonesian territory because impunity will continue to thrive.

Given the facts outlined above, ANTI delivers the following demands:

1. Demand that the two Governments (Timor-Leste and Indonesia) seriously begin the process of establishing a Commission of Missing Persons in order to deal with the issue of enforced disappearances during the illegal Indonesian occupation, so as to reintegrate those people whom the Indonesian military forcibly removed from their families.
2. Demand that the United Nations put on their agenda to discuss the report of the UN Commission of Inquiry and the CTF, especially the recommendation to establish an international tribunal to try the grave crimes in Timor-Leste, as there is no domestic mechanism in Timor-Leste or Indonesia which can provide justice to the people of Timor-Leste.
3. Demand to the International Community, particularly the nations which were involved directly and indirectly in the occupation by the cruel Suharto regime in Timor-Leste (USA, England, France, Australia, and others), to provide a formal apology to the people of Timor-Leste and work to improve the lives of the Timorese.
4. Ask that the State of Timor-Leste sign and ratify the International Convention on the protection of all people from enforced disappearances and, in this way, start processing cases of enforced disappearances and ensuring that this issue is never repeated in the future in Timor-Leste, as a democratic state under the rule of law.
5. Ask that the Government of Indonesia respect the principles of human rights and open the path to justice for these grave crimes, particularly the cases of enforced disappearances in Timor-Leste, and, in this way, begin to strengthen bilateral relations between the States of Timor-Leste and Indonesia going forward.
6. Ask to all the people of Timor-Leste to give their support so that we can complete the forms relating to missing persons which the Victims' Association has prepared and is currently circulating, so we can help the process of searching for those people who went missing during the occupation period.
7. Ask to the PDHJ and Komnas-HAM Indonesia to seriously work to carry out the agreement which those two organisations have established, particularly about missing persons, so that we can find those persons forcibly disappeared by the Indonesian military.

Sisto dos Santos
ANTI Board Coordinator

Members of ANTI
1. Asosiasaun HAK
2. Judicial System Monitoring Program (JSMP)
3. Asosiasaun Vítima
4. Asosiasaun Chega ba Ita
5. Front Mahasiswa Timor Leste
6. Sekretáriadu Timor-Leste NGO Forum (Fongtil)
7. Institutu Timor-Leste ba Monitor no Analiza Dezenvolvimentu (La’o Hamutuk)
8. Fokupers
9. Ita Ba Paz
10. CDI (Comunity Development Institut)
11. KSI (Kdalak Sulimutu Institut)
12. KBH (Knua Buka Hatene)
13. FTM (Forum Tau Matan)
14. OPVG (Organizasaun Popular Vitima da Guera)

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Komunikadu da Imprensa

Lori sira fila mai uma

Povu Timor-Leste komemora tan loron 30 de Agostu nudar loron konsulta popular ba dala XIV (1999-2013). Loron istóriku ne’e rezulta ukun rasik an ne’ebé nakonu ho sofrementu ne’ebé mosu durante krime grave naruk ne’ebé komete husi militár Indonézia sistimatikamente. Hafoin hetan ukun rasik an povu Timor-Leste moris iha estadu direitu no demokrátiku. Tama iha prosesu ukun an nian laran hahu ho dezenvolvimentu ne’ebé sidauk iha justisa kredivel ba krime grave ne’ebé prepetrator sira komete hasoru povo Timorense. Ukun na’in sira iha Timor-Leste too ohin loron seidauk iha vontade di’ak ba asuntu justisa ba krime grave pasadu nian ne’ebé nudár aliserse ba estadu direitu demokrátiku nian.

Nune’e mós iha loron 30 Agostu hanesan loron Internasionál ba ema lakon forsada, familia sira ne’ebé lakon, família sira nafatin sei moris iha miseravel nia laran. Familia barak kontinua halerik no eziji ba sira nia ema ne’ebé lakon duranti periódu konflitu nia laran. Hata’an ba preokupasaun hirak ne’e iha esforsu lubuk boot ida ne’e halao ona, komesa husi hari’i CAVR no CVA maske nune’e ita hotu hein estadu rua (Timor Leste no Indonézia) iha kometimentu atu implementa rekomendasaun hirak ne’e.

Ho nune’e ANTI hamutuk ho familia vítima organiza diskusuan publiku iha loron 28 Agostu no konvida Ministériu Negosiu Estranjeiru, Membru Parlementu Nasionál, Reprezentante Cruz Vermella Internasionál no Sosiade Sivio atu sai nuudar orador iha diskusaun publiku ne’e. Infelesemente husi parte Governo no Parlementu la konsege marka prezensa.

Ministériu dos Negósiu Estranjeiru no Kooperasaun ko’alia kona-ba Progresu no dezafiu implementasaun rekomendasaun KVA partikulármente ema lakon fordsada, no reprezentante husi Parlamentu Nasionál ko’alia kona-ba polítika Parlamentu nian ba asuntu ema lakon, no sosiedade sivíl rasik ko’alia kona-ba perspetiva sosiedade sivíl ba asuntu ema lakon.

ANTI partikulármente família vítima sira sente triste tebes tanba iha Diskusaun Públiku ne’e husi Governu rasik ne’ebé reprezenta husi Ministériu dos Negósiu Estranjeiru no membru Parlamentu Nasionál ne’ebé tuir loloos tenke marka prezensa tanba vítima no família vítima sira presiza no hakarak tebes atu rona esforsu sira ne’ebé governu no Parlamentu Nasionál halo ona relasiona ho implementasaun rekomendasaun Komisaun Verdade no Lia-loos. Ikus mai entre oradór importante hirak ne’e la hola parte iha diskusaun públiku ne’e.

Maibé iha tempu hanesan husi Embaixadór Indonézia konsege marka prezensa no hato’o hanoin ruma kona-ba kometimentu estadu Indonézia ba implementasaun rekomendasaun KVA nian.

Husi parte sosiedade sivíl ninia intervensaun sira lamenta no preokupa tebes relasiona ho akordu ne’ebé Provedoria dos Direitu no Justisa-PDHJ estabelese ho Komnas Ham Indonézia iha tinan 3 liu no Prolonga tan tinan ida ne’e, maibé nafatin laiha rezultadu.

Too ohin loron, liu tiha dékada ida, impunidade nafatin iha no nia konsekuénsia hatudu momoos hela. Realmente hatudu katak Governu Indonézia nia proteje kriminozu sira husi akontabilidae krime ne’ebé sira komete iha Timor-Leste. Daudaun ne’e iha debate maka’as iha Indonézia relasaun ho eleisaun jerál ba prezidente Indonézia iha Tinan oin 2014, kriminozu Wiranto no Prabowo Subianto nia naran mós sempre temi ba kandidatu iha eleisaun  refere. ANTI mós preokupa aktu krime grave iha Timor-Leste kontinua lao iha fatin seluk iha teritoria Indonezia nian tamba impunidade sei buras tebes.  Ho faktu istóriku sira ne’ebé temi iha leten mak ANTI hakarak hato’o ejijénsia mak hanesan tuir mai ne’e:

1.     Ezizi ba Govero rua (Timor-Leste no Indonesia) atu ho seriadade hodi hahú stabelese komisaun ba ema lakon ida hodi trata asuntu ema lakon forsadamente durante okupasaun ilegál Indonézia nia nune’e bele reintegra fali ema sira ne’ebé militár Indonézia halakon forsadamente ba família

2.     Ezije ba Nasoins Unidas atu hahú tau agenda no diskute relatóriu Komisaun Inkéritu Nasoins Unidas nia no KKP-HAM Indonézia nia espesialmente rekomendasaun Tribunal internasionál ba kazu krime grave iha Timor-Leste tanba laiha mekanizmu doméstiku ida inklui iha Timor-Leste no iha Indonézia mak fornese justisa ba povu Timor-Leste.

3.     Ezije ba komunidade Internasionál liu-liu nasaun (Estadu Unidus Amérika, Inglaterra, Fransa, Australia no sira seluk) sira ne’ebé involve direita no indireita ba okupasuan ba rejime kruél Suharto iha Timor-Leste atu husu deskulpa formalmente ba povu Timor-Leste no hadi’ak povu ne’e nia moris.

4.     Husu ba estadu Timor-Leste atu asina no retifika konvensaun Internasionál kona-ba protesaun ba ema hotu husi halakon forsadamente nune’e bele hahú prosesa kazu ema lakon forsada no labele repete fali asuntu ne’e iha futuru Timor-Leste nudár estadu direitu demokrátiku.

5.     Husu ba Governu Indonézia atu respeita prinsipiu direitus umanus atu la-bele taka dalan ba justisa ba kazu krime grave liu-liu prosesa ema lakon forsadamente iha Timor-Leste nune’e hahú hametin relasaun bilateral entre estadu Timor-Leste no Indonézia ba oin ne’ebé di’ak liu.

6.     Husu ba Povu Timor-Leste tomak nia apoiu hodi bele prienxe formariu kona-ba ema lakon ne’ebé Asosiasaun Vítima prepara no agora daudaun sirkula hela nune’e bele ajuda buka ema sira ne’ebé durante lakon iha periodu okupasaun.

7.     Husu ba PDHJ no Komnas-HAM Indonézia atu servisu sériu ba akordu ne’ebé organizasaun rua ne’e estabelese liu-liu kona-ba ba ema lakon nune’e bele buka tuir ema sira ne’ebé lakon durante okupasaun militár Indonézia nian.

Sisto dos Santos
Koordenadór Board ANTI


Membru ANTI nian  

1.      Asosiasaun HAK

2.      Judicial System Monitoring Program (JSMP)

3.      Asosiasaun Vítima

4.      Asosiasaun Chega ba Ita

5.      Front Mahasiswa Timor Leste

6.      Sekretáriadu Timor-Leste NGO Forum (Fongtil)

7.      Institutu Timor-Leste ba Monitor no Analiza Dezenvolvimentu (La’o Hamutuk)

8.      Fokupers

9.      Ita Ba Paz

10.  CDI (Comunity Development Institut)

11.  KSI (Kdalak Sulimutu Institut)

12.  KBH (Knua Buka Hatene)

13.  FTM  (Forum Tau Matan)

14.  OPVG (Organizasaun Popular Vitima da Guera)

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