ETAN Condolences on Death Fernando "La Sama" de Araujo
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ETAN Condolences on Death Fernando "La Sama" de Araujo

Fernando de Araujo speaks in New York, December 10, 1998ETAN is saddened by the news of the death of Fernando "Lasama" de Araujo. ETAN helped facilitate a speaking tour with him in late 1998 and had many interactions with him since. Our condolences to friends, colleagues and family. The photo is of Lasama speaking in New York City on Dec. 10, 1998 - Human Rights Day.

During the fall 1998 speaking tour, Ferando and Indonesian activist Yeni Rosa Damayanti spoke before small and large groups at churches, schools, and elsewhere. He attended a national ETAN strategy meeting (appropriately in Freedom, New Hampshire) where close to 50 activists analyzed rapidly changing events after the downfall of Suharto and planned future actions. During his speaking tour, his example, humility, dedication and clear vision, helped to educate, inspire, and activate hundreds of us to continue our struggle to change in U.S. policy to support East Timor's self-determination.

While studying in Indonesia, Fernando was a leading activist, helping to found the Resisténcia Nacional dos Estudates de Timor-Leste, (RENETIL). He was arrested and imprisoned for organzing protests within Indonesia soon after the Santa Cruz massacre. While imprisoned, he was given
the Reebok Human Rights Award. Journalists Allan Nairn and Amy Goodman accepted the award on his behalf. He later became one of Timor-Leste's leading politicians as a founder and president of the Democratic Party. He served in government in several positions, including Acting President from February 13 - April 17 after President Ramos-Horta was shot. Most recently, he was Minister of State, Coordinating Minister of Social Affairs, and Minister of Education.

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ETAN is "A voice of reason, criticizing the administration's reluctance to address ongoing human rights violations and escalating oppression in West Papua and against religious minorities throughout Indonesia."

Noam Chomsky

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