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JCET: List of US-Indonesia military training courses

The following listing of training courses provided by the U.S. military to the Indonesian military between 1992 and 1197 was among the Department of Defense Documents Released February 12, 1998 by Deputy Secretary of Defense John J. Hamre in response to a request by Representative Lane Evans (D-IL).

Additional Documents in the package included:

(1) Listings by U.S. Military Department of Indonesian military students(by rank, service, course name and year of training) under the
International Military Education and Training (IMET) program/Foreign Military Sales (FMS) from FY87-FY97

(2) Course manuals: USAF Training Courses for International Students; U.S. Navy Training Catalog for IMET/FMS Training; and U.S. Army Security Assistance Training Program Handbook


Army LTC Zamroni/328 KOSTRAD (Army BADGE IRON 92-1 4-27 Aug 92 Strategic Reserve Commando) Close Quarters Combat (CQB)

Army KOSTRAD, KOPASSUS, PUSDIKIF BALANCE IRON 93-1 26 Jun-3 Aug 93 (Infantry Training Center) Sniper (Level II)

Army/ KOPASSUS, 17th & 315st Air Force BALANCE IRON 93-2 24 Aug-22 Sep 93 AirForce Squadron Demolitions & Air Operations

Army KOPASSUS(Groups 1,2,&3), PASPAMPRES BALANCE IRON 94-1 7 Jan-20 Feb 94 (Presidential Security Guards) Close Quarters Combat (CQB)/Combat Medical Lifesaver & Marksmanship

Army KOPASSUS, PENERBAD (Army Aviation BALANCE IRON 94-2 25 Apr-14 May 94 Squadron) Pathfinder/Aviation Operations

Army/ KOPASSUS/Air Force BALANCE IRON 94-3 10 Jun-1 Jul 94 Air Force Special Operations Force (SOF) Air Operations/Air Drop Operations

Army/ KOPASSUS and Air Force BALANCE IRON 95-1 17 Jan-19 Feb 95 Air Force Military Free Fall (MFF) Operations/Advanced Sniper Techniques

Army KOPASSUS, PASPAMPRES, BALANCE IRON 95-lA 3-30 Aug 95 and Air Force Static Line Jumpmaster (SLJM) Training, EOD Support for VIP Protective Ops

Army KOPASSUS (Groups 1,2,&3) BALANCE IRON 95-2 1-30 Jun 95 Maritime Operations

Army KOPASSUS BALANCE IRON 95-5 11-23 Sep 95 Peacekeeping Operations Subject Matter Expert Exchange (SMEE)

Army KOPASSUS/PUSSENIF (Infantry BALANCE 96-1 5-22 Oct 95 Training Center) Peacekeeping Operations (PKO)

Army PUSSENIF BALANCE IRON 96-2A 1 Jan-24 Feb 96 Mortar Cadre Training Course

Army PUSSENIF BALANCE IRON 96-2B 11 Mar-5 Apr 96 RECONDO Instructor Training Course

Army KOPASSUS, KOSTRAD, PENERBAD, BALANCE IRON 96-3 4 Apr-15 May 96 and PUSSENIF Air Assault Leaders Course

Army PUSSENIF BALANCE IRON 96-4 5-19 Jul 96 Advanced Marksmanship\ Demolitions Training

Army/ KOPASSUS (Group 5), PASKASAU BALANCE IRON 96-5 8 Aug-1 Sep 96 AirForce (Air Force) Maritime Operations

Army KOPASSUS BALANCE IRON 96-6 8 Aug-1 Sep 96 Special Reconnaissance Training

Army Indonesian Medial Corps Conduct MHD MET-L 10-26 Aug 96 training in support Of the U.S. State Dept's WWII Memorials
Rededication activities.

PACOM/ KOPASSUS, KODAM JAYA (Jakarta BALANCE IRON 97-1 1-18 Dec 96 Spec Ops Area Military Command) PSYOP Training Commando-

Army KOPASSUS BALANCE IRON 97-1A 4-20 Nov 97 Special Reconnaissance Training

Army/ KOPASSUS BALANCE IRON 97-2 6 Jan-15 Feb 97 Air Force Military Free Fall Training

Army COL Slamat Sidabutar/ CDR Group 2 BALANCE IRON 97-3 23 Feb-28 Mar 97 KOPASSUS Mortar Training

AirForce KOPASKASAU TEAR IRON 974 2-21 Sep 97 (Air Force Special Forces) Military Free Fall/Jump Clearing Team Training

Army Army Combat Engineers throughout BALANCE IRON 97-5 25 Jul-25 Aug 97 Indonesia and KOPASSUS Demolitions, EOD, NBC
Training, Combat Sapper Training

Army KOSTRAD/KOPASSUS BALANCE IRON 97-6 12 May-13 Jun 97 Special Reconnaissance, Patrolling/Static Line Jumpmaster Training

Army KOSTRAD/KOPASSUS BALANCE IRON 97-6 12 May-13 Jun 97 Special Reconnaissance, Patrolling/Static Line Jumpmaster Training

Army KOPASSUS (Group 1) BALANCE IRON 97-6A 15 May-27 Jun 97 Special Reconnaissance/Combat Patrolling Small Unit Tactics

Army KODAM JAYA/PUSSENIF BALANCE IRON 98-1 20 Oct-15 Nov 97 Military Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT)

Army BALANCE IRON 98-3 17-21 Nov 97




Indonesia Marine Corps Demolition Training and Small 9-22 Jun 93 Arms Weapons Instruction

Indonesia Marine Corps Field Marksmanship, Patrolling, 27 Mar-16 Apr 95 Communications, Hydrographics Survey, Scout Swimmer
Techniques, Maritime Interdiction Operations

Indonesian Force Weapons Familiarization, 31 Mar-17 Apr 95 Reconnaissance/Marine Communication SAR, Parachute Corps, SEALs Operations, Patrolling

Indonesian Force Amphibious Landing, Patrolling, 15-28 May 96 Reconnaissance/Marine Parachute Operations, Small Corps, SEALs Boat Operations, Raids

1st Indonesian Amphibious Landing, Patrolling, 15-28 May 96 Infantry Brigade, IMC Parachute Training, Fast Rope Training, Small Boat Operations, Reconnaissance Surveillance, Raids 23-29 Jul 97

1st Indonesian Amphibious Landing, Patrolling, Infantry Brigade, IMC Weapons Training, Squad Level Tactics

Indonesian Force Demolition Classes, Small 3-20 Sep 97 Reconnaissance, Weapons Instructions, Scout Brigade Swimmer Techniques Wet SPIE Recon Marines, SEALs, Denjaka (Counter Terrorism Force)



KOSTRAD The Army Strategic Command
KOPASSUS Headquarters, Special Forces Command
KODAM JAYA Jakarta Area Military Command
KOPASKASAU Air Force Special Forces
PUSDIKIF Infantry Training Center
PASPAMPRES Presidential Security Guards
PENERBAD Army Aviation Squad
PASKASAU Air Force Special Forces
PUSSENIF Infantry Training Center



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